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Dan-gy: Rather than giving you a run down of individual items, here is some general advice: Find stuff that actually fits you. If you look around, you can find somewhat decent clothing in the stores you listed. Try reading the WAYWRN: MC Casual Style thread for inspiration. Since your budget is basic, I would suggest sticking to thrift stores, ebay, the B&S forum, and the stores in which your discount applies. You can go very far just starting out if you hit up...
When I can't rub it into my gums anymore, I find taking creatine in a suppository form to be helpful and effective.
I'm kind of indifferent to the plight of all parties listed. But.....ouch. They probably could have put that money to good use.
I like mine to drape so much that I feel like I'm wearing a toga, like they used to in the ancient times!
Quote: Originally Posted by PSULion Update: took a trip to the tailor, got my neck and arm measurements. 14.5 neck, 34/35. Apparently there are no shirts that actually come in that size, but there are close. Tailoring is expensive... had to spend 36 getting the sleeves narrowed and sides trimmed. but Thanks for the input, lots to learn here They're out there if you look for them. I own a few 14.5s.
These are really beautiful. I'd totally pull the trigger if they weren't too small for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by presence This member creates a post to get a discussion going, and he gets a bunch of douche bag answers. You people are a bunch of fucking assholes. If you don't have anything useful, or related to the post then keep your fucking mouth shuts and stay off the site. What is in trend - the casual look. Less formal, ties without jackets, oxfords without socks, dressy casual Seriously? Chill out.
Since you're here, you owe it to yourself to read up. You will find a wealth of information here, replete with visual examples of what people are wearing. Use this as inspiration. The best (and quickest) advice I can give you at this point is wear stuff that fits, and don't be afraid to tuck your shirt in-- it doesn't look as weird as you think. Also, be yourself. If you prefer darker colors, go with darker colors. Layering a dark cardigan over a lighter shirt can...
I think women look great in suits. For me, there is no argument here. To add a point beyond the scope of the OP's point, I say that we don't live in 'the good olde days', and should not attempt to invoke them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Daseinflaw Gadget: Incredible; a touch screen calculator watch. I need one.
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