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I used to own a five bedroom, two and a half bath townhouse in Greenwich Village. Now all I have is an open air office by the Brooklyn Navy Yards. I made a mistake, you see. I told my boss that he couldn't wear loafers with a suit. I told him they were cemented, and corrected grain leather. Well, you can imagine how well that went. Before I knew it, he had his foot twelve feet up my butt, and the seat of my Mabitexes split like The Grand Canyon. My only consolation is...
I suggest you wear cordovan triple monks with a braided cordwainer's welt. Match your cummerbund in ruby and green paisley for a dash of color.
Why not stick to more 'rugged' fabrics for your pants, like woolen tweeds, flannels? How about corduroy? I'm assuming the de rigeur of your office is business casual, so these should all be okay. You can also wear 'chinos' of other hues besides kakhi. Replace the half-zips with a cardigan, maybe. They make some that appear more like a jacket, being more 'rugged' and 'chunky' than daintily woven and thin. I'm trying to understand the level of ruggedness you want. ...
Well, what's wrong with that?
I think you answered your own question. If the collar bar speaks to you, then wear it. If it's you, it isn't flashy, or silly-- it is merely you being yourself. It sounds like you would be at home in this ensemble, especially if others are dressing up as much as you have planned to. So, relax. What you described sounds great.
I can agree with that.
This thread is ridiculous. If you want to buy a bespoke suit, go ahead and do it. If you want to buy an OTR DKNY suit, go ahead and do it. If you can find a way to get either, by spending, borrowing, or stealing, then you will have them, and any further question about the matter should be relegated to one's own self alone.
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with this sentiment. But I will say this: The guest-host relationship is a two way street.
Don't care. Take off your shoes when you come into my house. I have one pair of slippers. They're not necessary. If you don't have socks on, no matter. Your feet are far cleaner than the bottom of your shoes. And when I visit other homes, I default to the no-shoe rule out of respect.
New Posts  All Forums: