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My bathrooms are truly horrible. In the south-facing bathroom, there was a long graffiti exchange that they recently painted over. The first stall always has purell wipes on the toilet paper dispenser. Someone always TPs the hinge so people can't look in. The north-facing bathroom is even worse. Two of the faucets don't work, and I think elephants go to dump there.
Just don't go down to the 7th, I have a feeling you won't like what you'll find.
Sometimes I feel like it's been that long since I've eaten a cheeseburger. Also, we don't use unhygenic toilet paper at my workplace anymore. We recently upgraded to the three seashells.
I own a shearling coat; the pockets are stitched all around. Perhaps it varies by maker.
I gave my director at work a penis gourd. Does that count?
In all seriousness, I think that's probably a good idea. A management company might take a significant bite out of your monthly income, but it mitigates some of the difficulties of being a long-distance landlord.
There was no money in my familial arrangement. My dad served as an indentured servant to my mom. After a period of twenty years, he was released to the lions and another man was brought forth.
Sure, if you're a plumber.
I used to spend a quarter of my income. The rest I dumped into apartments in Shanghai. I thought I was being smart until the building my units were in tipped over. Now I'm just buying up Florida swampland; it's safer.
The true measure of wealth is the distance between your kitchen and bathroom. I've seen miserable squats with chamber pots two levels below ground, and million dollar cul-de-sac specials with ice maker urinals.
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