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Another alternative: Cold Brew. Although this posting illustrates the greater lengths one must endure. http://boingboing.net/2011/11/14/howto-attain-radical-hotel-roo.html
Perhaps, it can be said, we met our end the moment we set our eyes on the prize. Addendum: Seriously, though: Probably in the cheapo '70s, things started on their long decline, with things bottoming out in the early '90s.
If I had a $100 to spend on cologne, I'd use it on a night with a Costa Rican hooker. I can get free scents from store testers.
Great, just read this after I opened up and wrote on a fresh pair of shoe trees last night. Think of the money I could have saved.
I default to Sumatran beans, though Latin American will frequently surprise me. This is going to fly in everyone's face, but years back I would frequent (and love) the Cafe' Juan Valdez in Times Square.
Those are awesome.
I thought about launching an investigation into my own local bathroom offender, but I immediately figured out who was behind all those sanitary wipes; there's a jar of them right across from his cubicle. It would not have been a detective saga as epic as this one.
Same here. But there was that one time, after eating too much gelato, in Castelldefels, Spain......but, getting back to the point, I think it can be mostly traced to poor diet and a lack of consideration.
Everyone thinks they're too good to clean up after themselves; that's part of the problem. It's like the internet; everyone is vaguely anonymous, so they leave their disgraceful mark on the world with little chance of impunity. edit: Also, they eat too many cheeseburgers.
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