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No problem! One more:
OP: I don't know if these were already posted, but going off of the criteria you list, they seem to match, and will be passably sharp: Ecco: Hugo Boss:
Try here:
That post really takes it to the next level. I press at 3 minutes, on the dot.
These shirts, while loud and potentially unseemly on their own, truly blossom when layered under a cardigan or blazer. They have my stamp of approval, for whatever that's worth.
My current french press is an older model from Ikea. No plastic in the spout filter or plunger, which I like. That stainless steel version looks beautiful.
Another alternative: Cold Brew. Although this posting illustrates the greater lengths one must endure.
Perhaps, it can be said, we met our end the moment we set our eyes on the prize. Addendum: Seriously, though: Probably in the cheapo '70s, things started on their long decline, with things bottoming out in the early '90s.
If I had a $100 to spend on cologne, I'd use it on a night with a Costa Rican hooker. I can get free scents from store testers.
Great, just read this after I opened up and wrote on a fresh pair of shoe trees last night. Think of the money I could have saved.
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