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Re: Gimme Coffee: They are certainly dropping the ball. They know better.
According to that chart, I am currently enjoying ideal colon transit time.
Coffee is one of those things that is hard to use up in time. You could always buy a home roaster and grinder, and concentrate on small batches. I recently tried a cup of that Starbucks Clover coffee. It was very good, tasted just like the Allegro coffee they serve from an automatic paper filter drip machine at Whole Foods for less money. Bean quality will always trump brewing method, in my opinion.
I second this idea. In fact, I own a pair of Wolverine shoes, and I do wear them on a business casual basis.
My plan for 2012: All new trouser purchases will be Mabitex. No compromises.
One time, I won a Valvoline go-cart from the local Wal-Mart. I tricked it out with a spoiler, LED undercarriage, and some sick rims. But when I took it down Route 9, the State Police stopped me, and told me it wasn't roadworthy. They gave me a huge fine, too! What kind of shit is that!
Gentlemen: In my years of lurking, I couldn't help but notice that many of you express grave concerns about excessive shoe creasing. And I can understand why; I have spent many a night tossing and turning, agonizing over the creased state of my Loake seconds. I asked myself: Are they the correct length? Heel girth? Are they creasing correctly? The worry became too much to bear, and I started to place my new purchases in a china cabinet that I inherited from my...
I tried to put an ice cube in my chianti, and my sommelier almost fainted.
He used the paper to open and close the stall door, apparently. He is so germaphobic that he doesn't want to touch the latch.
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