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The soles do wear out quickly. I had a nasty fall on a wet subway floor a couple years ago; they'd lost all their grip after a few months of wear. I don't usually promote disposable objects, but these are paragons of disposability.
Quote: Originally Posted by mediafred For my wedding, I am looking at black patent leather shoes and black plain-toe Oxfords. Either way, should they both be very shiny or can it also be more matte? Is this just a matter of preference? The shiny ones just make me think of tux rentals shoes for some reason. Thanks. Wear nubuck.
This is like that scene with all the ties in The Great Gatsby. Well done!
Feiyue - $20 or less from a martial arts supply store. Get the lowtops, and you're done.
As I came to understand it, the Strand is suitable for suits as well as more casual wear, including jeans. Yes, they are semi brogued, so their formality is toned down a bit.
I can't justify getting these; it doesn't get hot enough out where I am. That said, I've seen these in person. They're really nice shoes.
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