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OP, for college, those shoes are fine. Wear them well until they reach the end of their usefulness. No one is going to judge you for wearing them; most people are ignorant of shoe bylaws. Remember that balmoral wingtips (those with closed lacing) don't always look so great with jeans and the like. Blucher wingtips tend to look better in a casual context. The shoes you have pictured are bluchers, though they are not wingtips, as you might have already surmised. If you...
Frye is pretty decent for the money. Not the best, not the worst, but decent.
OP, depends on what's available to you. You might have decent luck at a Zumiez, Pacific Sunwear, Urban Outfitters or similar. If you're near NYC, I once bought a similar beanie at MUJI.
Not a sock account. There's just no reason to talk to other people that way.
Sorry I pissed in your cheerios this morning. I'll try to make it to the toilet bowl next time.
Do yourself a favor; grow a spine and end this whole debacle. Please. She does not care about you, she does not want a relationship, she wants an illusion. Get out-- fast.
Re: Gimme Coffee: They are certainly dropping the ball. They know better.
According to that chart, I am currently enjoying ideal colon transit time.
Coffee is one of those things that is hard to use up in time. You could always buy a home roaster and grinder, and concentrate on small batches. I recently tried a cup of that Starbucks Clover coffee. It was very good, tasted just like the Allegro coffee they serve from an automatic paper filter drip machine at Whole Foods for less money. Bean quality will always trump brewing method, in my opinion.
I second this idea. In fact, I own a pair of Wolverine shoes, and I do wear them on a business casual basis.
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