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Oh, nevermind whether they're temporary. We're in dire straits, here. We need jobs, and we need them NOW! Obama just isn't serious about jobs in this country, and this is a prime example. The whole nation is in an upset because they're going to sell all that low-grade oil to CHINA!!! Do you want to be responsible for fueling the Red Menace?!
Well, it's not like Canada wasn't going to be selling that oil to China anyway. Where is the pipeline going-- to one of our largest ports, right? Plans can be redrawn, it happens all the time, and I'm not so sure that Canada has an alternative.
OP, I too was looking at the Amok. The Allen Edmonds website reveals some mixed reviews; the chief criticism being thin leather uppers. I haven't handled the boots myself, so I can't say for sure. While you could wear this boot on a wet day, a dainite sole would be best. So, while I think the Amok looks good, the Kempton would probably fit your bill a smidge better. How about a norwegian split toe blucher with a rugged sole? Longwings would work, too.
Thanks, your input is appreciated.
OP, for college, those shoes are fine. Wear them well until they reach the end of their usefulness. No one is going to judge you for wearing them; most people are ignorant of shoe bylaws. Remember that balmoral wingtips (those with closed lacing) don't always look so great with jeans and the like. Blucher wingtips tend to look better in a casual context. The shoes you have pictured are bluchers, though they are not wingtips, as you might have already surmised. If you...
Frye is pretty decent for the money. Not the best, not the worst, but decent.
OP, depends on what's available to you. You might have decent luck at a Zumiez, Pacific Sunwear, Urban Outfitters or similar. If you're near NYC, I once bought a similar beanie at MUJI.
Not a sock account. There's just no reason to talk to other people that way.
Sorry I pissed in your cheerios this morning. I'll try to make it to the toilet bowl next time.
Do yourself a favor; grow a spine and end this whole debacle. Please. She does not care about you, she does not want a relationship, she wants an illusion. Get out-- fast.
New Posts  All Forums: