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That's a totally reasonable expectation; for the money, you should have a pair of intact shoes. I like AE myself. Their company is known to be very understanding about this kind of thing. I think they'd be willing to work with you on this if you explained the situation to them. I think it's worth the trouble if you really want them.
Sounds like you've run into a patch of bad luck. It's your money-- and you paid retail for them. Return them if they make you uncomfortable, just be nice about it. They probably have another pair lying around at some other store.
Congrats, I think you did. EDIT: Although the belt color is a little off.
Come off it. This reads like a yelp review. It's a cobbler shop, not the nexus of perennially perfect shoe repair. Just talk to him about it and report back.
Feels good, man. They're all cheapos.
Pants won't do. You'd be better off with a bespoke stillsuit.
Looks like you've stumbled upon my business plans, Mr. DW. I'm afraid I can't let you leave.
I find undershirts, and, for that matter, underwear, to be for small-timers. My shirts get thrown out at the end of the day. And my trousers? Well, let's just say that there's a reason Mister Ambrosi hasn't been delivering as promptly as he used to. I keep him in a workshop on the grounds of my palazzo.
OP, I too was looking at the Amok. The Allen Edmonds website reveals some mixed reviews; the chief criticism being thin leather uppers. I haven't handled the boots myself, so I can't say for sure. While you could wear this boot on a wet day, a dainite sole would be best. So, while I think the Amok looks good, the Kempton would probably fit your bill a smidge better. How about a norwegian split toe blucher with a rugged sole? Longwings would work, too.
Thanks, your input is appreciated.
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