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still available man
Up for sale are a pair of Red Wing Heritage Style #8881 Moc Toe, in the natural/olive suede. I love these boots, wore these ones around 4 times and decided I needed a 9.5 over a 10. My loss is your gain. $100 + shipping.
Hey Mark. No more than 4 inches accross on the bottom sole. The lining is thin and beautiful, can easily put some inserts in them. I have them in a 9.5 and love them!! Check them out at! Best
yea u got it man! USofA!
Brand new with tags, I have this sweater in numerous colors and love it! Always a great look. retails for $185.00 $140+shipping
Brand new with tags, beautiful classic shirt, retails for $220.. $185+shipping
Brand new with tags, retail for $210.00, I have them in a 32 and they are a great pant, classic color. $165+shipping
I have a few of these and absolutely love them. Best looking shades in my humble opinion. 220+ shipping
PRICE REDUCTION I have a pair of Russel Armands moto boot size 10 for sale. These boots are unreal, zip inside, and hand made in LA. Best boot for the price, these retail for $600
I have a pair of Red wing Heritage, made in the USA engineer boot for sale. I think I wore them 3 times inside my shop in LA. To small for me so I bought a 10. Killer boot. Love them! $150 + shipping. retail for $275
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