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Are you the one who started Indochino Review? haha. Good to see you on SF too.
You're right, the gingham is in style right now, but I think that would look best with a solid suit, not pinstripe. So you gotta pick either or. Pinstripe suit with solid color shirt or solid suit with gingham shirt.
Agreed. IC won't be insanely high quality, but it will be better than the suits you get from fast fashion companies like Zara and H&M.
Yea, you're driving your heels into the ground and lifting the bar off the ground initially with your knee extension. You then complete the rep with your hip extension.
I'm fairly new to this whole bespoke thing. What's their price range usually? I'm assuming they're more the high end priced suits.Yea, I thought that was crazy how you lose so much weight so fast but then I remembered after not working out for one month while I was in Japan, I had dropped 20 lbs. (the same 20 lbs. that took me one whole semester to gain going to the gym). Lost A LOT of my muscle. For guys who go to the gym 4-6 times a week and then have even one month...
Totally like you guys. My thigh measurement is 25 and my booty pops out because of all the squats and running I did from soccer. Want me to fit into a slim fit pant? You must be joking! haha.But yea, I did some searching on SF to see if there were any other threads regarding our suit fitting problem. I found a thread about athletic fit suits.What do you guys think? Would you guys shop at a store that made suits OTR for guys like us?
Yea, that's interesting because I'm starting to run into the same thing, too. The MTM company I shop from have so many different tailors all throughout China, that even though my measurements remain the same, each suit will be delivered slightly different each time since each tailor interprets the numbers differently.
Yea, I think so.
I'm curious, what was it that disappointed you with MTM?
HOLY CRAP. My max deadlift is 315....I can't imagine heaving heavier than that up to my chest. That's solid man.But yea, it seems like there's so many gym go-ers and active guys here on SF, so check out the thread that I started:'m curious to see if all of your guys' exercising has affected the way/how you shop for suits. Because...
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