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Wow, just wow.
Very nice!I have these in Brown CXL from LS, and love them, yours are beauts.Uncle, despite not being Aldens, very very nice.I might need your advice on socks, all of my argyles are mid calf, and end up crunched up around my ankles before lunch...I have been converted to OTC, but need to find good Argyles that are also OTC.Great score! I am on the lookout for Cigar PTB, so I'm a little jealous.Finally a break in the rain, so snuff suede today:Unlined snuff suede chukkas...
This is fantastic, and extremely helpful, thank you.
These are fantastic!Thank you Uncle, I will do my best Cigar PTB FTW, those are beauties.
I agree.Here they are on their maiden voyage today.
I second this question, what's it made of?
Today...I can't resist wearing my new favorite shoes a couple of times this week, so here again are the unlined #8 PTB'sEdit: CelceoAdamator beat me too it, I stand by giving Alden DC a call....In addition to Alden NY, Alden DC has either this same shoe, or a very similar shoe in black shell and #8 shell. I would give them a call. Either Joe, or Kathy will be happy to help you out.
That is hilarious.
Yes, that is it! Great looking shoe.
Thanks!They were available about a year ago, I believe I picked them up in early March, 2012.Alden DC has a similar shoe, not sure of the last, but it is a choc suede short wing Balmoral.I believe Alden Madison Ave has a similar shoe as well in choc suede with captoe, but for some reason their site is blocked from work...
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