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Count me in as interested as well.Also, second the thought of a dedicated thread.
Sorry I have been out of touch for a few days, after catching up on some very nice examples, I need to comment on the "Boot Bag" situation. All of my boots, and shoes from Alden have come with bags, with one exception, I was told by NRO that Alden boots do not come with bags. After debating I ended up e-mailing Alden directly, and they provided bag, no questions asked. If your boots did not come with bags, and you still need them, Alden will send you a pair of boot bags...
Will I ever get tired of seeing Uncle Mac's awesomeness? Probably not.To add to the chorus, nothing controversial, just awesome shoes, great pants too.What is the size?Interesting makeup, although I think I prefer the Navy CXL PTB that Alden Madison Ave just got in, that is great looking shoe, I am not sure about the Navy chukka...And for today, a very cool spring morning, Chocolate unlined chukkas
Thank you Uncle, I will check them out.
Thank you Uncle, times two.If I may ask, where do you source your socks?Awesome!OutstandingVery nice versatile collection.
Wow, just wow.
Very nice!I have these in Brown CXL from LS, and love them, yours are beauts.Uncle, despite not being Aldens, very very nice.I might need your advice on socks, all of my argyles are mid calf, and end up crunched up around my ankles before lunch...I have been converted to OTC, but need to find good Argyles that are also OTC.Great score! I am on the lookout for Cigar PTB, so I'm a little jealous.Finally a break in the rain, so snuff suede today:Unlined snuff suede chukkas...
This is fantastic, and extremely helpful, thank you.
These are fantastic!Thank you Uncle, I will do my best Cigar PTB FTW, those are beauties.
I agree.Here they are on their maiden voyage today.
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