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This is a great look (although I agree with CD about walking in the mudd with those nice C&J's)What model is the Barbour coat? It is a great length, and the four pockets give it a pseudo military look.This is really great. Curious, who makes the pants, and what type of fabric/weight are they? They look lightweight in the pics, but you're wearing a sweater, so my eyes could be deceiving me.
I have the grossa in Burgundy. It does have a brownish hint to it, but not too much. I also have the bitter chocolate, and next to each other, it is very clear which is brown, and which is burgundy.I am thinking about getting the "Dark Red" http://www.samhober.com/grenadine-grossa-solid-silk-ties/dark-red-grenadine-silk-tie-2.html Then again, I also have the navy grossa and want both the midnight and slate blue...
One of the funniest things I have read today.
I just got my first Barbour, (Beaufort) for Christmas, so I am by no means a Barbour expert. Before I got the jacket I tried on several sizes, I am usually a 42R in suits/sport coats. I tried on the 40, 42, and 44. I wanted to be able to wear the Beaufort over just a shirt, for fall, but also to layer over a sweater or sport coat in winter.I went with the 42, the 44 was simply too big, and the 40 was just right for wearing with a shirt, but wasnt really suited to wear...
Rob, that sweater is fantastic!
Quick shout out for a great selection, great customer service, great packaging, and super prompt shipping. I ordered a Drakes scarf and PS, this past Sunday (I know, I'm a high roller) I received a polite and apologetic e-mail from NMWA Monday informing me that due to a stock error, the Drakes scarf was out of stock. I found a similarly priced Begg & Co scarf in a similar color, and we agreed to change my order to the Drakes PS, and Begg scarf. Tuesday morning I receive...
My first order was for my wedding, the bitter chocolate was for the rehersal dinner, the purple chashmere tie, for my best man.GT-6 Bitter Chocolate Grenadine Silk Tie (grossa)ECT-6 Purple Cashmere TieI quickly followed up with two orders for "staples" which included:GGT-11 Navy Grenadine Silk Tie (grossa)GT-3 Burgundy Grenadine Silk Tie (grossa)GGT-16 Forest Green Grenadine Silk Tie (grossa)GGT-21 Charcoal Gray/Silver Grenadine Silk Tie (grossa)ECT-3 Dark Navy Cashmere...
Thank you Shirtmaven, and Len for all of the fascinating stories!
Same here.
Gents, I am mostly a lurker here, but I hope to attend. I have no black tie rig, but I will figure something out.
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