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Second this question.
Agree completely. I have three wool ties from hober, all three are three fold, lightly lined, untipped, with hand rolled edges.
Thank you for the tip on the slim fit.
This is outstanding. How did you size your Barracuda? I see many that look too big, yours fits very well.
I have the navy cash black warp, and yes it is a pretty dense fabric. I got mine in three fold with ultra light lining and it came out great, and not too think. I love it with an OCBD and tweed.
I'll second (or third or fourth) a thanks to AC for setting this up. Despite the rebelious shirt studs, and the vaseline that may or may not have been there for reasons we wont speak of, it was a great night with great company, nice to meet all of you and I hope to see you all again soon.
I'm looking forward to it. No Black-Tie for me. Maybe a stoopid question, other than Stich (who I will recognize from his pics) who should I be looking for?
The parking question is a good one, I hope a "local" will chime in.
Very nice, I'm looking at something similar from Gustin, this fit might convince me to take the plunge.
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