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Deets on the speaker behind you in the first pic please.
You can request to be added to the irregulars e-mail list anytime.If there is a recent list, they may send you that one when you sign up, otherwise, you will receive the next e-mail that goes out.
Barely worn, navy Baracuta G4 Harington jacket Made in the UK. Tartan lining, buttons at neck and cuffs, side adjusters. Full disclosure, the buttons that close the flap pockets are cracked, easily replaced, see pictures USPS shipping included to the US, Will discuss shipping elsewhere at cost. Full description from Baracuta here. http://us.baracuta.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-WPBAWO-US-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=BRCPS0002BCNY1309&start=4&cgid=br_G4
For sale is a near new, flawless navy single breasted blazer by Caruso for Ralph Lauren Black Lable, in the Anthony cut. Single breasted, side vents, silver buttons. 42 Regular I boutght this new last fall, and the fit just does not work me. Only alterations, made by the Ralph boutique, was a slight sleeve shortening. USPS shipping included to the US, Will discuss shipping elsewhere at cost. See product details at...
Gents, please keep inviting me. One of these times I'll make it work. Here is what I'm "wearing" today.
I have 35 straight fit denim, that is still a bit snug (hopefully it will stretch out soon) if the duck canvas does not stretch much, probably a 36 (straight)
Always interested to see what you come up with, but I am regretting not getting the naturals for the coming summer...
Transparency is not really an issue, if you hold up to the sun, yes, you can see through it, but for normal tie wear, it is not transparent (thishas been discussed before, and most who have untipped grenadines like the effect, however subtle)I went with four fold purely out of economics, For four ties it's $320 (four fold) or $480 for six fold, for the same $480, I could get an additional two ties.
I will give you my experience:1. Lightly lined (again, what pinkpanther said, tell David what kind of knot you use, and how big you want your knot, I told him FIH knot, to acheive a meduim sized knot, FWIW, my knots are just a hair smaller than Flyswatters knot)2. There are four different grendine weaves, not sure about two sources, but the different weaves may have different colors for the same color name, i.e. Navy Fina may not be exactly the same shade as navy Grossa,...
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