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I just received my first pair of Gustin jeans, and wanted to share my experiences. I do not have a lot of experience with selvedge jeans. I have one pair of Levi's 501 and APC new standards. I ordered the #53 Thirteener, in June. I opted for size 36, based on measurements I took off of the Levi's and APCs. (Levi's are tagged 34, and APC tagged 35) Shipping was scheduled "sometime in August" I received shipping notification this past Tuesday, August 27, USPS Priority...
I find that using a double four in hand gives a decent knot on my Drakes madder ties, I also use a DFIH for Drakes tussah silk ties. Traditional FIH knot for the Madder and Tussah gives a very small/skinny knot, DFIH gives it a bit more heft.
Unless it's a black knit tie, which is a great look with a navy suit. Between the two the OP is asking about...purple.
pazzion, what is the fabric of this tie? It is gorgeous.
Hello Jesse, can you post more pictures of your squares liek this on your Etsy shop? I am tempted by some of them, but would much prefer to see the whole square.
These are excellent!Thank you very much.
Vacation last week, so I've been out of the loop for a bit (does Alden make beach sandals?)This!And today, new OTC argyles (cotton for the summer) and Snuff Suede
Count me in as interested as well.Also, second the thought of a dedicated thread.
Sorry I have been out of touch for a few days, after catching up on some very nice examples, I need to comment on the "Boot Bag" situation. All of my boots, and shoes from Alden have come with bags, with one exception, I was told by NRO that Alden boots do not come with bags. After debating I ended up e-mailing Alden directly, and they provided bag, no questions asked. If your boots did not come with bags, and you still need them, Alden will send you a pair of boot bags...
Will I ever get tired of seeing Uncle Mac's awesomeness? Probably not.To add to the chorus, nothing controversial, just awesome shoes, great pants too.What is the size?Interesting makeup, although I think I prefer the Navy CXL PTB that Alden Madison Ave just got in, that is great looking shoe, I am not sure about the Navy chukka...And for today, a very cool spring morning, Chocolate unlined chukkas
New Posts  All Forums: