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Gents, MyHabit has Alden Indy boots, brown suede loafers and brown suede chukkas on sale for $365, limited sizes, but still a good deal.
I work with a guy who's sport coats all have a contrasting and patterned chest pocket lining, he just pulls the pocket inside out instead of wearing a square.No joke.
Oh I hear you on LB, I think his point is, know the rules, then know how and when to break them.And to your bolded statment being bunk, I disagree, the folks who havent got a clue/don't care by definition do not follow "the rules"I interprerate his comments as, if you follow all the rules, you will look like everyone else (who follows the rules), and not develope your own style.
While I agree the seersucker and flannel would not make a good combo, I think exploring the gray area you mention if fine.To Quote Luciano Barbera from a recent interview:"Everyone knows you wear wool in the winter, linen in the summer, and a straw hat from June 15th to Labor Day. Everyone is right. And therein lies the problem. Follow these rules and you will look like everyone else. Better that you display a little originality. On the gravest days of winter I put on my...
Like many others have said, I have one pair of black shoes, strictly for funerals and only the most serious of occasions (very formal meetings etc)Additionally, most of my pants and suits are in the gray (medium to dark to very dark) variety....Dark brown calf, dark brown suede, #8 are all my go to colors for pairing with gray.My normal rotation is Chocolate Brown Suede PTB, Chocolate Brown Chukka, Dark Brown Perf Cap Toe, #8 LWB, #8 PTB
Thanks gents for the replies. Now I'm even more disappointed I didn't jump on the blue linen in my size before it sold. Maybe next year.
There were some great deals to be had on the Sports Coats, most are gone now.... I didn't jump fast enough.Hope yours fits when it arrives.Regarding the manufacturer, I thought I had read somewhere that Drakes Sports Coats were made by Ring Jacket not Caruso, I could very well be wrong. Does anyone know for sure?
This is great.Who makes the rest of the fit? (shirt and Trousers?)
Online Sale starts today....
Gents, Just a heads up to those in the DC/ Baltimore area: Michael Hill (Drakes Creative Director) is coming to Baltimore for a bespoke tie event Date/Time: July 16th 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Location: Samuel Parker Clothier 86 Village Square, Baltimore, MD 21210 Please note, I have no affiliation with Samuel Parker or Drakes, I just shop there.
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