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Several people rave about this site (note the site itself is ugly, but the sock selection is great)http://www.customshirt1.com/Socks_M_ConservFancies.htmlThere are also these sources....https://asuitablewardrobe.com/clothing/sockshttp://www.meschaussettesrouges.com/en/58-men-socks
This picture raises something I have been meaning to post for a few days. I recently had the chance to see a good portion of Drakes FW collection in person at my local source. While most of the collection looks (to me anyway) uninteresting and uninspired on the Web Store, in person is a very different story.I believe the tie above is wool variant and comes in three colorways, all are gorgeous.Here are some links to ties that I think are simply stunning in person, but not...
Seconded.Edited to comment that I have no experience with Prestige, but Parkway has been fantastic on every occasion I have used them.
Thanks for all the replies, to be honest I am still on the fence.
Has anyone purchased a sport coat from Drakes? I live in the US and am contemplating a purchase, but want more info on fit and quality, since a return would be a PITA, and realist let expensive. I'm looking at the gray black herringbone..... Any thoughts or comments are welcome.
Love, love love this look....
I am very happy that a blue was offered, I'm in for blue and brown (large pattern) and the small pattern in rust.... Very excited to see the final product
I retract my earlier post, must have been a weird cookie issue, as a few sizes were showing available when I checked.
Gents, MyHabit has Alden Indy boots, brown suede loafers and brown suede chukkas on sale for $365, limited sizes, but still a good deal. http://www.myhabit.com/homepage?&tag=thisfits-20#page=b&dept=men&sale=A23P09ETRF4YU9&ref=qd_d_bc_b
I work with a guy who's sport coats all have a contrasting and patterned chest pocket lining, he just pulls the pocket inside out instead of wearing a square.No joke.
New Posts  All Forums: