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Liam, two things:Firest, that is some funny stuff right there, your magical powers are your sense of humor.Second, you take a lot of criticism here, some warranted, some, a little too much, IMHO, and you continue to post, and come back for more, so good on you.
I totally agree. I gambled on a couple of items, and even called to talk to a CS rep to get more sizing info, and he told me blatantly wrong info. At least the return shipping is free.FWIW, I picked up the Caruso travel blazer, and it is super nice, although the inside pockets are a bit weird, there are two very large pockets, below where the normal interior pockets are, that are only attached at the top, and zippered, so the bulk of the pocket sort of flaps around, not...
I talked myself into the Caruso blazer, will report back when delivered. I figured for under $500 it was a good deal, hopefully I am right.
I have a well worn Caruso blazer (or navy sport coat, sine it has dark horn buttons, not metal) It is made from Loro Piana fabric that is slightly textured, not smooth like a worsted wool. There are several spot on it that have developed a shine, due to age, it is the most shiny on the elbows. I was thinking to extend the life of the sport coat I would put some pale gray suede patches on the elbows, and just ignore the rest of the shininess. My question, suede or...
He definitely favors the Garrison for courser fabrics like flannel and tweeds, but he did have a different cut in plain blue worsted, not sure the model, but it was definitely not the Garrison. I really loved his selection of separate trousers and sport coats. Wish I had a larger clothing budget.
Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I recently discovered Samuel Parker in Baltimore, and I was very very impressed with the shop, and Ken as well. The term SF Apprved get thrown around a lot, but I would say that Samuel Parker has the overall asthetic that many on this forum are looking for, suits and sport coats from Samulsohn, Polo (blue lable) and Southwick, shoes from C&J (via Polo) Alden, and he had a trial pair of Alfred Seargeant boots in the shop :-) shirts...
Ugh, where are my manners? Yes, thank you Threadbearer for the heads up,
I was having the same issue, after adding it to the cart several times, and having it be regular price, it finally went to a lower price, you might want to reload the entire page.It is now showing £87.50 for me.
Is anyone not seeing a sale price on the cashmere ties? They are listed under the sale link, but are regular price at £105. I added some to the cart thinking a sale price might pop up, but still regular price.
Or a tweed or flannel in winter. I would say no with a worsted suit, but yes with a rougher fabric such as linen (as Unrefinery mentioned) or flannel or tweed...
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