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Great Thread!My tally, and I would not have thought about many these essentials if it were not for the SF. (I do not like loafers)I think something like Incotex or RL would work here, or possibly some of the nicer finished cotton trousers from J Crew.Agree with the assesment of the title.Totally agree with the necessity of flannel trousers. I ended up with two shades of gray and a blue flannel from HY.For the non-chino khakis, again, I think were talking about tan colored...
Fantastic interview, thanks for posting. Yes William is a true gentlemen and a great tailor, I wish I could afford something custome from him. I have used him for several suit, trouser and sport coat alterations, mostly B&S, eBay or sale pickups. I even splurged on one of my sport coats, and had William add working buttons on the cuffs, I wouldn't do it on every sport coat, but this one was a great find at a great price, so I splurged.
I will add my congrats to the mix here. I have bought from Spoo here on the B&S and he is a great seller, first class goods, good prices and prompt shipping. To the idea of the luxe swap all I can say is WOW! I have several items from various sources (trifting, B&S, ebay) that just don't work for me that just take up space. Look for some business coming from me. I am effort to not overflow Spoo's inbox, I'll ask here first, how do you get started? Do we send you item...
Love the sweater!
I just wanted to jump in to tell all how much I hate you. After reading through this thread, I realized my meager selection of three pairs of Aldens was not nearly enough. Add to that the NRO sale, and the going out of business sale at Tom Austin I have now addes color 8 PTBs and Alden 403s to the collection. Thank you for the inspiration and info. Pics soon.
I would start by reading this: http://thelondonlounge.net/gl/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6562 Then read this: http://www.styleforum.net/a/what-should-i-ask-my-groomsmen-to-wear
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Where did you cop? Are they genuine baracuta? Or another brand?
[[SPOILER]] Nice baracutas!
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