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I like these, slim fit, decent quality, and a bit shorter than a BB, or regular LL Bean, so they still look ok untucked.http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/65174?feat=505939-GN3
Whats wrong with a genuine Barracuta? Either the classic G9, or if you can find one, a G4.And, yes, I think you can pull it off.
J Crew Allerton PTB $168 www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/Shoes/men/PRDOVR~55751/55751.jsp J Crew Preston PTB $215 www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/oxfords/PRDOVR~55755/55755.jsp
$100 per coat does not seem that high to me for shortening the sleeves and creating working button holes. If you are looking for a less expensive route, you could just shorten the sleeves without the expense of adding working button holes.
“I’m about to do something pretty crazy.”“You should. It’s Leap Day. Real life is for March.”
I placed two orders, one on Feb 5th, and on Feb 9th. I received both orders in reasonable time.
Love the SC!
Liam, two things:Firest, that is some funny stuff right there, your magical powers are your sense of humor.Second, you take a lot of criticism here, some warranted, some, a little too much, IMHO, and you continue to post, and come back for more, so good on you.
I totally agree. I gambled on a couple of items, and even called to talk to a CS rep to get more sizing info, and he told me blatantly wrong info. At least the return shipping is free.FWIW, I picked up the Caruso travel blazer, and it is super nice, although the inside pockets are a bit weird, there are two very large pockets, below where the normal interior pockets are, that are only attached at the top, and zippered, so the bulk of the pocket sort of flaps around, not...
I talked myself into the Caruso blazer, will report back when delivered. I figured for under $500 it was a good deal, hopefully I am right.
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