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Please tell me the maker of the white and blue square in the fifth pic.
DrakesKent WangSam Hober
Pretty much the same as Doc. Sometimes I have new shirt that I want to wear, so I build around that. Today, I wanted to wear a new PS, so I went super basic for everything else after picking the square.
Thanks so much, I will be trying that tomorrow.
Any current shipping discounts, looking to purchase the SMN scented cards (http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/scented-cards-for-wool.html) but shipping seems a bit steep for what looks like a pretty small item.
Upr, classic outfit as usual.Quick Question, how do you fold your pocket square to get the look as seen in the second and third pics, that is a geat lloking fold.
I have been thinking about this thread a lot lately, and a previous thread about your own personal top ten items. So today I am wearing: A mid-blue, 1/4 lined odd sport coat (-a blue odd jacket. If you live in a two-season climate, then two, one for warmth and one for the cold_ Mid Gray four season trousers (too hot for flannel but...-mid gray flannel pants) Light blue medium spread collar BC shirt (-several blue BC shirts, at least one BD) Brown suede oxfords with a...
I am slightly older and have not been to a black tie event in at least a decade.I've been to six weddings in the last 18 months. None were black tie.see above...
+1Personally, I think this is a good look. I bought a "wedding tie" for my wedding, and after letting it sit in the closet for a while, started wearing it again. It looks clean, and is a nice change of pace from my mostly solid tie collection.Depending on the shade, I like a blue OCBD with seersucker, or if adventurous, a pink OCBD. Either one works with a navy silk knit tie.+1000This is one of the best things I have learned from SF, and various #menswear blogs. It's...
Great Thread!My tally, and I would not have thought about many these essentials if it were not for the SF. (I do not like loafers)I think something like Incotex or RL would work here, or possibly some of the nicer finished cotton trousers from J Crew.Agree with the assesment of the title.Totally agree with the necessity of flannel trousers. I ended up with two shades of gray and a blue flannel from HY.For the non-chino khakis, again, I think were talking about tan colored...
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