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I would not have waited as long as it took to post.
Watch an episode or two of Boardwalk Empire. Pick a fit from the show that includes some elements you already own, then do a little shopping for remaining elements. One easy way to make a modern fit look at least a little 30's is to wear classics, navy or gray suit, solid blue shirt, etc. and throw on a good quality hat.
Love this look.Knit tie is black or midnight blue?
Not under $300, but Drakes, and reversable silk and cashmere:http://www.drakes-london.com/scarves/cashmere-silk-reversibles
Gents, I need some advice, and didn't think it worth it's own thread. I am going to be making a tie order with Sam Hober, three or four ties. Here are the ties I currently wear often; burgundy grenadine, chocolate brown grenadine, blue cashmere, navy knit, green madder paisley madder, a solid blue from hickey freeman, and blue with white dots. Here is what I was thinking of ordering; navy grenadine, Forest Green Grenadine, Green macclesfield patterned Wool, burgundy...
Numbers one through four please!
Thanks all!! Great SC Jesse
Agree wholeheartedly about 7cm ties. I can go either 8 or 9cm, slightly prefer 9. I can't wait until it gets a little cooler, then I will feel more comfortable breaking out the unicorn prints from last F/W! Malford of London is a great place for ties and squares. I have a local shop, Samuel Parker in Baltimore, that has a good selelction of Drakes squares, for some reason, all he carries is the 7cm ties though.
Love the sport coat
Please disregard that other guy with a similar screen name. I am sorry I missed this get together, hopefully next time. Cheers
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