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That looks normal to me. Take a look through the AE thread, and the Alden thread to see other examples of similar stitching.
First, I like that HY tie, even if it's hard to knot.Second... I second the call for summe tie suggestions, and I also prefer a solid navy.
Details on the tie please? It is gorgeous.
Stoopid double post!
My first picture post. I had a nice spot picked out, but the rain has changed my plans, so you get the parking lot at work. Alden DC Unlined #8 PTB, saw the forcast for today, so doubled up on the Leather Defender last night. And now for a question; I want to add a pair of blue shoes to the rotation, I have the basics, a black captoe, #8 Long Wings, #8 PTB (pictured above), Suede PTB, and a Suede Chucka. I am a TTS E width. Alden DC has the Blue CXL Long Wing, but...
I recently bought Alden Leather Defender to protect my shell PTB's. I purchased it from Kathy at Alden DC (more on that story later) and she reiterated that it is mainly for shell, "but you can use it on calf too, if you want" and will prevent water spots, if caught in the rain, she also made sure to tell me to "spray it on a cloth first, then apply to the shoe using the cloth." I followed her advice, and it looks fine on shell, although I have not worn them in the rain...
Yes, I have the second one, it is beautiful.Great SC and pants!
Rob mentioned that he only made two of those ties, odd that they both ended up in MD, Talk to me about the SC and trousers
Very tough choice. Some strong entries. I ended up going with HF, I like the play on textures, Spoo was a very very close second and many others looked great too. Next challenge, I will need to pay attention and try to join in.
For sale are a pair of barely worn Allen Edmonds Dark Brown Burnished Calf Strand shoes in 8.5D. These were bought new by me, and worn only a handful of times, kept on shoe trees (not included in sale) and in shoe bags (included in sale) These are a wardrobe staple, dark brown shoe with perforated captoe and attractive broguing on the toe, will compliment suits, sport coat and dress trousers, khakis, cords, or jeans. Retail is $345, Asking $200 (paypaled and shipped to...
New Posts  All Forums: