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Gents, I need some advice, and didn't think it worth it's own thread. I am going to be making a tie order with Sam Hober, three or four ties. Here are the ties I currently wear often; burgundy grenadine, chocolate brown grenadine, blue cashmere, navy knit, green madder paisley madder, a solid blue from hickey freeman, and blue with white dots. Here is what I was thinking of ordering; navy grenadine, Forest Green Grenadine, Green macclesfield patterned Wool, burgundy...
Numbers one through four please!
Thanks all!! Great SC Jesse
Agree wholeheartedly about 7cm ties. I can go either 8 or 9cm, slightly prefer 9. I can't wait until it gets a little cooler, then I will feel more comfortable breaking out the unicorn prints from last F/W! Malford of London is a great place for ties and squares. I have a local shop, Samuel Parker in Baltimore, that has a good selelction of Drakes squares, for some reason, all he carries is the 7cm ties though.
Love the sport coat
Please disregard that other guy with a similar screen name. I am sorry I missed this get together, hopefully next time. Cheers
http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/09/05/160607575/the-difference-between-a-99-suit-and-a-5-000-suit-in-one-graphic Follow up by the author...
Thanks for the reply. Any more info on the spots in Galway? Clothing stores? And yes, Aran islands!
Bumping an old thread. I'm headed to Ireland in a couple of weeks. Besides Donegal, what else in Ireland is of interest from a MC perspective. I'll be in Dublin for a few days, then off with no real itinerary.
Excellent!I agree with the thoughts on RLBL, if you like the shoulder then this is a good way to go, but as stated above, there are similar options at a better price. I second (or third, or fourth) Samuelsohn.This. Or any other lable for that matter (RLBL, Samuelsohn....)Agree, keep us posted and post pics of William's work.Since you are looking for that distictive English shoulder, I agree with those who receommed ruling out HF. I personally really like the qualtiy vs....
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