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I love the look of the F/W blazer, and the gray brushed twill. Cant wait to see what the F/W trouser selection is going to look like.Who says you cant have a blue windowpane in linen for S/S and a wool cashmere for F/W
Liam,Strands are Captoes the perforations on the toe are not wing tips.ForwWingtips, there are two main varities, Short Wings (like AE McAllisters) and Long Wings (like AE Macneils)BTW, I think the Strands are a big imporvement over the Clarks. Clarks DB's have their place, mostly with very casual looks, jeans and some chinos, IMHO.
D'oh, thought I put the code in the post. Coupon code is MAKEOVER
All, I received an e-mail from North River Outfitters (NRO) They are celebrating their newly redesigned webpage with free shipping on all orders over $50, and %20 off all regularly priced merch. I tried going through the checkout process and the coupon was applied to a pair of Aldens I had in my cart. Just FYI....
Nice lobster roll!
I thought khakis and chinos were more or less synonymous. Chinos are better?To answer OP, black and khaki (the color) do not look very good together, IMHO. Although, Thom Brown seems to pull it off with a khaki colored cotton suit, white shirt and black knit tie, but that's a very specific look.
http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/2012/07/wear-your-blue-with-patterns.html Not a bad looking SC at all. But, as others have said, pricy for a second hand SC, even if Zegna. The price is about what you can find for a new Zegna SC on sale. To compare, I bought two Zegna sport coats on the SF B&S board for less than $400 (total for both), and a recent model Oxxford cashmere sport coat on eBay for under $200.
If I can get a hall pass, I'll be herehttp://www.styleforum.net/t/311511/styleforum-meetup-in-washington-dc-monday-september-10Wearing Aldens...
I'm going to check with the boss. Sounds like a good time, hopefully I can get a hall pass.
D'oh, thanks, should have been able to figure that one out.It sounds like a win-win, chirizo, and the green sport coat.
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