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I'll echo both HF and Mack's thoughts. It's a very close battle, there are aspects of each I like better than the other. TTO's top half is the winner, but the fit of the jeans throw it off for me. SS looks great, but as Mack says, looks like its never been worn outside. In the end, I voted SS.
Amazing Price! Great find Deacon!Today is an Alden Suede day,Chocolate Suede brouged, perforated Captoes from Leather Sole (Plaza Last)
I went TTS (8.5E) with my first pair of Leydon Chukkas, and although they are very flexible and do stretch a bit, they are a bit snug. For my second pair, I went up a half size to a 9D. I use the 9's for travelling, easy on/off at aiport security, and plenty of room and stretch for feet swelling during air travel.I have seen some retailers only sell the Leydon in E width as they say the E fits like a D...
Getting ready for another day of rain.These were from last night, taken after a good brushing, and coat of Leather Defender. [[SPOILER]]
Not today, but one day last week, I wish Spring would get here, I am tired of the cold. [[SPOILER]] Samuelsohn SCBB OCDBHoberPoloAlden for LS
That looks normal to me. Take a look through the AE thread, and the Alden thread to see other examples of similar stitching.
First, I like that HY tie, even if it's hard to knot.Second... I second the call for summe tie suggestions, and I also prefer a solid navy.
Details on the tie please? It is gorgeous.
Stoopid double post!
My first picture post. I had a nice spot picked out, but the rain has changed my plans, so you get the parking lot at work. Alden DC Unlined #8 PTB, saw the forcast for today, so doubled up on the Leather Defender last night. And now for a question; I want to add a pair of blue shoes to the rotation, I have the basics, a black captoe, #8 Long Wings, #8 PTB (pictured above), Suede PTB, and a Suede Chucka. I am a TTS E width. Alden DC has the Blue CXL Long Wing, but...
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