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Nice look Rob, looking forward to seeing shirts...... Shirt, tie, SC combo is very nice.
I haven't seen any coupons, although I think there is a 10% code that was not unique for those that filled out a customer survey, it might still work.
I'll second, or third. I just recived my preorder, and love it! It is a great tie.
I can't speak to the audio items you mention, but the Panta ties are easily verifiable as a good deal. Panta asks 109 for their ties direct, and Maasdrop has worked with Ed to give you ties at 79.99. Regarding signing up, i signed up a while back, and the only emails I get from them are the daily "drops" that you can customize to get notified about only the drops you care about. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to order.
This is great, what is the color combo?
Thanks for the feedback, I should have included, yes it is untipped w/ rolled edges. Its a wool/cashmere/silk blend, so yes wintery.I appreciate the advice on colors, both shirts and sport coats.....I hope the pattern in the tie is subtle enough to wear with black and white herringbone tweed (solid shirt)
Gentlemen, Any thoughts on the veratility of this tie? (Tie Your Tie for NMWA) I am thinking with mainly winter spotcoats, herringbone tweed, blue checks, maybe flannel blazer.....
They actually did radio dramas of all three episodes of the original trilogy. New Hope and Empire are pretty good, Return of the Jedi not so much, I think they got a greatly reduced budget, so it is very short.The first two though are quite good. There is a lot of background and additional "scenes" such as Vader interrogating Leah on the Death Star for the location of the Rebel Base, and some of the back story about how the Rebels learned of the Death Star, and...
While I will not answer for Spoo, I will tell you how my squares are organized.I basically have two stacks, one for more fall/winter type squares (mostly muted colors in wool silk) and the spring summer stack.Each stack is organized by like colors, so all the browns are together, all of the blues together, with white linen always on top in case I cant make up my mind and go safe.....
Three ties received on the 22nd. All three are lovely, and I can not wait until the new year when I get back to work to have the excuse to wear them. I went with the navy, large pattern brown, and small pattern rust. all three look fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: