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Sorry. Sold.
As stated earlier, polish is unnecessary for CXL leather. It is not "bad" for leather in general, but is really only needed on calf,CXL and shell don't need it. There are other products specifiaccly for protecting these leathers.
Plain toe blucher in shell cordovan (color numbe 8), longwing blucher (also shell #8) or chocolate suede chucka on flex sole for the versatility you are looking for. Or if going a bit more casual (jeans and khakis) the Indy boot.
Are all of the "new" pocket squares from Calabrese knit or only some of the new offerings?
As a father, I would love this bag for Father's Day
Nice look Rob, looking forward to seeing shirts...... Shirt, tie, SC combo is very nice.
I haven't seen any coupons, although I think there is a 10% code that was not unique for those that filled out a customer survey, it might still work.
I'll second, or third. I just recived my preorder, and love it! It is a great tie.
I can't speak to the audio items you mention, but the Panta ties are easily verifiable as a good deal. Panta asks 109 for their ties direct, and Maasdrop has worked with Ed to give you ties at 79.99. Regarding signing up, i signed up a while back, and the only emails I get from them are the daily "drops" that you can customize to get notified about only the drops you care about. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to order.
This is great, what is the color combo?
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