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Any chance you could add ribbing to a double rider ,a la like the bomber?
Has Jcrew ever made a stadium/varsity/baseball jacket? I'd kop that.
Ugh. Seems like the popular trend right now is to raise prices on denimz. 3sixteens on Self Edge jumped $15 to 195.
Krew Jacket Sold.
New page. The red chambray is online!
Previous seller here. This is a great shirt, nice pearl snap buttons, and slim fit. Last picture before I sold it:
Added AA hoodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Yeah but his ass is also trying to make a meal of the jeans.... And those SDAs are absolutely beautiful, love the selvedge and the multi-twill (like Evisus except I don't like Evisus). Damned expensive though I'm checking the contributers for this project, and see that most of contributors have no connections to the brand their wearing but: Daniel Cummings, Brand Manager for Baldwin Jeans, is wearing...
Am I crazy or did the price go up by $30 at BiG?
RRL Shirt sold.
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