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Yes, Mark Steines on "Entertainment Tonight" and Kevin Frazier on "The Insider" have worn my neckties on the air.
Thanks for recognizing the ties. Yes, this is my tie and many more celebrities will be wearing EG neckties.
The Fraud's. Innovation by Eric Glennie. There are many imitators, but only one innovator.
PM me, Nore! If you are truly from the Big Apple I will mail one out to you. Would love to have a few Eric Glennie ties walking the streets of Manhattan. Best, EG
Eric Glennie Original. Stripes in the tie knot run the same direction as the rest of the tie. Keep updated in the very near future , 2 more necktie styles that will turn, I mean twist, your head into the next dimension of mens fashion. Anderson Cooper hasnt returned my email, but you will see my ties on ESPN and Dave Letterman Show. If you are in the Minnesota market, you will see many of the TV anchors and weatherman wearing them on the air.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Regis was wearing the Waverly today on Regis and kelly! From now on, Regis and Kelly is my favorite show in the history of television. The Waverly Congrats Charles! Keep us updated on how its goes. Its great that Regis wears your tie. Hope and pray that Regis will give you a shout out on the air.
Everyone thought I was a crackpot, nutjob, and fruitcake but I am real and my fashion will make history. Whether a gentleman is 20 or 70 years old feels comfortable wearing Eric Glennie neckties. Checkout the anchors on ESPN and you will see EG is not crazy. Also, if you are from the Minnesota area, you will see the anchors from the major CBS, NBC, and Fox networks wearing my ties on the air.
Unique, Distinctive, and very wearable. Name any designer in the world of menswear, past or present, that fits this category. Take the labels and logos off the apparel of any designer in the world and you can tell an Eric Glennie design from all of them. A powerful fashion statement coming soon!
I will be showing my product line during the Hardrock fashion show at MAGIC Aug 18th. If you are in Vegas during MAGIC, love to see you there. Checkout the promo at
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus this is a couple of days old, but i wanted to see if anyone noticed the congruent ties that were being worn on espn. it was a red tie with white stripes. That is very true. The anchors wear the vertical, diagonal, and horizontal versions. Celebrity analysts such as Barry Melrose, Trent Dilfer, Eric Allen, and Tedi Brusci have worn them also. The style forum thought EG was a huge joke, but the ties...
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