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Paul Stuart offers a few styles in their Limited Edition range.
Get the Saddleback wallet and expect 100 years out of it.
I wear an 8 in AE and I am a UK7 in Rain
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The last pair of PC boots I bought was made in Italy, not sure by whom.
That shoe has a sale price higher than the regular price. WTF!
They moved 2 doors east. The old building is now deconstructed.
They were moving to a new location last year so I suppose they had to clear out a lot of their old stuff.
Suits are $1000 or $900 for 2 or more Sports jackets are $600 or $500 for 2 or more Knits and polo $200 or $150 for 3 or more Ties are $100 Shoes are $100 casual $200 dress but the dress shoes are all gone. Exotic skins 75% off Accessories 85% off Belts $50 leather, $100 exotic skin I picked up a few belts this morning. Do we know if things will gets further marked down?
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