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@hohneokc Thank you for sharing your collection, they all look great! Love these two (Hinsdale and Lombard), but it looks like AE is no longer offering these colors (only in black)
Opinion question, if you guys had to pick one, which one would it be? I'm looking for versatility which can be worn both casually (jeans, khakis) or business casual (dress pants). Thanks. Neumok in brown leather or Neumok in snuff suede
Keep us posted with the fit, maybe it's just me
I just received the Memorial Day Sale promotion in the mail and the Kenilworths are front and center. For what it's worth (for those who might order it online), the Kenilworth runs a little larger. My shoe size is usually 10.5 3E (PA, Strands) but the Kenilworth fits a little bigger so I had to exchange it and get 10 3E (maybe because it's open lacing?). I may order the Daltons and Neumok for this sale. Can someone with direct experience with these shoes tell me if...
Thanks Cold Iron. Personally, I wouldn't wear either of those with a suit (because of the broguing).I wear business casual to work (dress pants & sportcoat, no tie), and I'm glad that you think the Daltons will work with this attire. I have no qualms wearing it with jeans.On the other hand, I feel that I have enough cap toe shoes (PA, Van Ness, Strand) which would be against getting the Fifth Street.Right now, I'm probably 70/30 on the Daltons.
Thanks guys for the input. While searching for images on both of those shoes, I found this blog where he was sportin' the Daltons for both business and casual. I feel like the Fifth Street may be too dressy for jeans while the Daltons may be too casual for dress pants. The question becomes, which one is more versatile?
AE folks, can I ask for help? I'm in the market for dark brown boots and I'm torn between the Fifth Street and the Dalton. The key for me is VERSATILITY where I can wear them either with dress pants or jeans. I do not have any wingtips yet but own several cap-toes (Strand, Van Ness, Park Ave). Any input would be greatly appreciated. Fifth Street (brown burnished) -- $350 retail Dalton (dark chocolate) -- $375 retail What do you guys think?
green polka dot PS for $12 didn't have the burgundy anymore, this is the closest I found:
Within the first 10 seconds of looking at the shoe, it immediately reminded me of an AE Kenilworth (however, this has only 3 eyelets) Here are some images of the Kenilworth (courtesy of the AE thread):
Just bought three XL shoe trees from JAB today for $25 (my AE shoe trees are XL also). Thanks to SF I'm not an expert on shoe trees at all but I really do not see any difference between a JAB and an AE shoe tree (aside from the label of course).
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