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I plan on doing this with my grey kamigata. Just rock it and don't look back!
If anyone happens to have a size 36/S Doyle in that special Heavy Chambray they want to let go, please let me know! I got the kamigata bug and grabbed the grey and now I've got the Doyle bug....
Looking to buy the limited run SF x Epaulet Doyle jacket in Chambray Okay with worn as long as it's not falling a part - let me know if you've got it!
oh my oh my tweedy bird...I think I need to just log off, this is too painful to have to pass all these up
Damn that silvery wheat flannel is beautiful.
That Grandpa and Two-tone hurt so good...
Turq Don is the only one left...jeez that was fast.
So I've never bought Epaulet pants before...today seems like it might be a good day to try things out...
Don't forget Chicago!
For anyone on the hunt like I am, there is an EPLA speckled chambray in M back in stock...
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