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What category is next? I want to see these Austrian flannels Mike mentioned
I'm very intrigued by this "Novelty" category... I wore the floral the other day and got hella compliments from both women and men. Great job again on that one Mike!
Interested to see what the 5 panels look like - I'm not a big hat guy, but I'm sure I could be convinced...
FWIW I got my Italian denim floral on Friday and it is straight 🔥🔥🔥 So effing unique
Just grabbed that floral print denim shirt. I really hope it's as bomb IRL as it looks online
Blast you! Well, looks like I'll have to wait for a re-stock...
@Epaulet Random question since stingray has been a recent subject again...is there any way the leather company you use could make stingray watch straps? I remember you posted something about watch straps on instagram once; thought it'd be worth an ask!
@Epaulet Bravo to whomever wrote the copy on the summer Rivets. That blue oxford looks pretty dope
x 3 for these.
EP seawave canvas pants EP sneaks
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