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Ditto. I like to tell myself that cigar would get more wear...
FWIW the Epaulet instagram has a picture of the Cigars up if anyone wants to drool some more
@budapest12 Yes, let's hope that they do sell out soon.
You know you can buy and update the size until the 13th right...?
I think it may be legit sold out now that it's not an option to purchase anymore.
HELLS YEA SNAGGED ME SOME CIGAR. I'm a little excited. Just a little.
BNWT Steven Alan Wax Cotton Fishtail Parka This thing is absolutely awesome. Fantastic material with a loose baggy fit. Original retail was for $465 and sold out fast once it went on sale. As stated in the description, jacket is absolutely brand new, unworn, with original tags still attached (see last photo). Wear this as you traipse across the countryside or navigating the urban jungle - waterproof material and deep pockets for lots of storage will ensure you're well...
Pretty self explanatory - looking for a ToJ Fishtail in size S. Let me know what you have!
I just got my order from End and didn't get hit with anything...granted I ordered a Made in USA Gitman shirt which was marked for $108. $2400 is a diff story though...
Aw shit. Well, let's see what happens tomorrow...
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