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Thanks to whomever snagged the grey flecked and put me out of my indecisive misery...
Did those light wash jeans ever show up on the site or was I too slow and they all got snapped up?
Hello all, I've got this cozy Epaulet Lazio long-sleeve polo that I picked up off here that's in brand new, unworn condition. The fabric is nice and soft, and the materials are definitely luxe. It's a size S, which fits on the smaller side of S - here's the Epaulet measurements if you're interested: chest: 19.5' shoulder: 16.5" sleeve: 24.5" length: 27" http://epauletnewyork.com/products/lazio-longsleeve-polo-cotton-interlock-navy +5 shipping to CONUS +10 to...
So my Schott down jacket came in today from the Instagram sale last week and it what I feared happens to be true...I look like a total dweeb in it. Offering for the same price as the sale to anyone who's interested (size 38)!
Hey guys, Got this bad boy during the Epaulet Instagram Sale - it's a down filled lamb skin leather jacket from the specialists at Schott. The retail on this jacket from the Schott website (https://www.schottnyc.com/products/down-filled-leather-bubble-jacket.htm%3FcatID%3D8) is $800. I got it for a sweet deal from Epaulet during the sale, so I'm passing it along at the deal as well. Marked size 36 but fits as a size 38. I don't have pictures of the actual jacket because...
$50????? Wow, that's fantastic
Ah okay...hmm we'll see what it looks like when it shows up. Feel free to message me if someone is interested in a true size 38.
Does anyone know what this Schott Leather Down Bomber will be like? I tried Googling for some pictures and can't really see anything/tell if I'm going to look like a leather Michelin man or if it's more slim
Yes please do. I think I successfully grabbed the Schott bomber in a 36 true 38 - hopefully I don't look like a tool wearing it...
Does anyone here have a Lazio polo? Found a good deal (I think) on one, but wanted to get some input on it before jumping on it.
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