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Woohoo Speckled terry bomber here I come!!
Yes, about those mediums...
I'll let you know tomorrow when I get mine!
Beautiful. Boot deets? Alden cap toe whiskey?
Random question - any updates on the Asbury denim jackets? I think I saw Mike mention/instagram post about them a little while ago? Been tempted by some I've seen, but really like the EP one from the past...
kopped a M bundle - if someone prefers hoodies, I'm down to trade...
Thanks! Damn that IS beautiful...perhaps will make for a good consolation prize for missing the chambray doyle lol
Slightly I suppose..lolAny one have any IRL pictures of that speckled bomber?
Now you're just rubbing salt in the wound man... lol
There was a chambray Doyle in my perfect size???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Whoever bought it, if it doesn't work out PLEASE LET ME KNOW
New Posts  All Forums: