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missed out on the black chambray and my speckled order got canceled (first world problems to the max) if anyone's size M doesn't work out in either one, please let me know!!!!
Because of you I know have a paprika shirt. Looking forward to it complimenting my mocha skin lol
Can anyone comment about the black chambray? On the fence about getting it...
Yeah I'm like a small-and-a-half...hopefully this M fits. If not I'm sure someone here will appreciate it...
F#$%YEAH CHAMBRAY!!! instakopped!
That black boot is an instakop for me.
I'm a complete shell newbie, but is black shell "worth" the 700+ price tag since you don't get any sort of fun/interesting patina like in the no.8? As in, does it have some great shine/fades to grey/etc
I would vote speedhooks so it would look like the Leffot version, but if we went all eyelets it wouldn't be a total deal breaker. Anyone have an idea how long this would take? I'm assuming like 4-6 months right?
@rydenfan Would the proposed boots have brass speed hooks or are we talking sans speed hooks? I'm assuming no, but just wanted to double check EDIT: still don't know how to use SF properly...
Thanks to whomever snagged the grey flecked and put me out of my indecisive misery...
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