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I didn't even see that jacket pop up! Do I have the right link?
You guys have had some pretty awesome make ups - I really love my Ironside Alt Wiens and the two ironside options, the Cardiff boot, and so many others have all pretty very unique badass options not offered through other retailers. Maybe an option could be using this forum as a springboard for new models so you don't have to waste money on guessing about orders and then having extra inventory? All the other Euro options [like the jodhpur boots and sneakers] are pretty...
What category is next? I want to see these Austrian flannels Mike mentioned
I'm very intrigued by this "Novelty" category... I wore the floral the other day and got hella compliments from both women and men. Great job again on that one Mike!
Interested to see what the 5 panels look like - I'm not a big hat guy, but I'm sure I could be convinced...
FWIW I got my Italian denim floral on Friday and it is straight 🔥🔥🔥 So effing unique
Just grabbed that floral print denim shirt. I really hope it's as bomb IRL as it looks online
Blast you! Well, looks like I'll have to wait for a re-stock...
@Epaulet Random question since stingray has been a recent subject there any way the leather company you use could make stingray watch straps? I remember you posted something about watch straps on instagram once; thought it'd be worth an ask!
@Epaulet Bravo to whomever wrote the copy on the summer Rivets. That blue oxford looks pretty dope
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