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@Epaulet Random question since stingray has been a recent subject again...is there any way the leather company you use could make stingray watch straps? I remember you posted something about watch straps on instagram once; thought it'd be worth an ask!
@Epaulet Bravo to whomever wrote the copy on the summer Rivets. That blue oxford looks pretty dope
x 3 for these.
EP seawave canvas pants EP sneaks
Thanks for all the input guys! I'll keep my eyes open for the next EFF
Just to clarify would be going FROM 33 TO 30/31, so 2-3 inches taken in. Can't buy smaller size because I sadly missed out during the BK sale and the magical Purple Haze now only dwells in the forums...
I have a quick question on the Gable, which may seem really stupid but please bear with me - are they amenable to tailoring like regular pants or will trying to cut them down from like a waist/size 33 to a 30/31 mess up the proportions of everything? Talked to Peter at the store but he recommended I get your opinion @Epaulet
Such a fantastic gem from the Brooklyn sale...
I'm also very interested in the EP slip on...think I missed it on the thread here, but if I picture I remember is right, they look bomb.
Got my Essex today and it's awesome, although sadly L is too big for me. Let me know if someone out there has a Medium they're willing to part with!
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