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Thanks for all the input guys! I'll keep my eyes open for the next EFF
Just to clarify would be going FROM 33 TO 30/31, so 2-3 inches taken in. Can't buy smaller size because I sadly missed out during the BK sale and the magical Purple Haze now only dwells in the forums...
I have a quick question on the Gable, which may seem really stupid but please bear with me - are they amenable to tailoring like regular pants or will trying to cut them down from like a waist/size 33 to a 30/31 mess up the proportions of everything? Talked to Peter at the store but he recommended I get your opinion @Epaulet
Such a fantastic gem from the Brooklyn sale...
I'm also very interested in the EP slip on...think I missed it on the thread here, but if I picture I remember is right, they look bomb.
Got my Essex today and it's awesome, although sadly L is too big for me. Let me know if someone out there has a Medium they're willing to part with!
Lol the widest leg opening I have is 7 inches...I suppose I'm a little scrawny at the extremities
Contemplating getting a pair of Gables - I think I would get them a little tapered down to a 6.5-6.75 inch leg opening and then have a 1.5-1.75 in cuff. Would this look too crazy with the chunkier top block?
Sadly my pair of Ironside Alt Wiens I got from the BK sale (9D) are a little too loose for me - my loss. I'd rather pass along to one of y'all on here before trying the SF market/Grailed. PM me if you're interested. Jk, re-laced and now we're good - these things are flipping awesome.
Any more surprises for the day, Mike?
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