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I'm also very interested in the EP slip on...think I missed it on the thread here, but if I picture I remember is right, they look bomb.
Got my Essex today and it's awesome, although sadly L is too big for me. Let me know if someone out there has a Medium they're willing to part with!
Lol the widest leg opening I have is 7 inches...I suppose I'm a little scrawny at the extremities
Contemplating getting a pair of Gables - I think I would get them a little tapered down to a 6.5-6.75 inch leg opening and then have a 1.5-1.75 in cuff. Would this look too crazy with the chunkier top block?
Sadly my pair of Ironside Alt Wiens I got from the BK sale (9D) are a little too loose for me - my loss. I'd rather pass along to one of y'all on here before trying the SF market/Grailed. PM me if you're interested. Jk, re-laced and now we're good - these things are flipping awesome.
Any more surprises for the day, Mike?
Kopped that steerhide sport trainer. Dear God this sale is wreaking havoc on my wallet...
Let the constant refresh games begin...
Was lucky enough to pick up some Ironside Alt Wiens this morning - I've always liked them but how do you guys wear them? Seem a little too casual for clinic/office and too formal for jeans...ideas?
Just got my sale group henleys in the mail...if any one wants to trade a size M in any color for white let me know! edit, clarity: as in I have white and would like to trade for another color.
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