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I've used quite a few times. It's only cheaper when you consolidate multiple parcels from different suppliers.
would be great to hear how your appointment goes, i felt like a kid at christmas every time i recieved the call to go in for a fitting and ultimately pick up the finished product. great experience and worth the money.
 i dont work for Jess, and dont know him and his bussiness well enough to answer those questions. but i assume leather is no different to woollen cloth, you get what you pay for. when i was planning my shoes, i asked him for a fine calf in a smooth matte black finish. i might be going past there on the weekend as im thinking of getting him to make me a pair of leather soled welted golf shoes. i can ask him for more detail on his leathers, prices etc when im there.
Journeyman, He has a huge collection of skins in stock in all types of animal type, texture, colour and quality. i can confirm to you that he will make the shoe in whatever leather you like, including the finest calf, which i chose for mine. PrinceOfPaisley, you beat me too it. i have actually seen the barramundi skin in the shop. its actually very soft, so you wont like it.
much of the stuff he has on display is reasonably contemporary but this guy is a true crafsman and makes whatever you want, from classic styling to the the outrageous.i do have 1 pick on my computer but cant work out how to post it
For all those shoe afficionados out there, you need to check this out. not sure if it has been mentioned previously on here but we no longer have to look to europe for world class quality shoes. handmade bespoke or ready to wear shoes made right here in Melbourne. Jess Wootten is the guy's name and his workshop is on Grattan Street in Prahran. he offers bespoke, made to order and ready to wear shoes and he personaly makes all his shoes onsite. I have always baught...
Finally some decent news for the forgotten children in Perth. F.T.Russell & Co is a perth based travelling tailor. they offer both Bespoke and M2M. ive commisioned both and i love the results. they are not the ceapest in town......well thats probably not true as there really isnt anyone in town 2pc half canvas M2M starts around $1900 and Bespoke full canvas at around $3300. Fiona, the owner, told me that all their garments are made locally and all her jackets...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tano Found out today from my tailor that Parker and Co are selling kiton suits for 13k. Would it be cheaper to grab a first class ticket to the US and pick one up? I wouldn't be surprised if there old stock from past seasons i believe parker sell kiton made 2 measure with a rediculous super # for that price. BTW, is your tailor in perth? as im not aware of many, actually i only know of 1
Quote: Originally Posted by ned kelly Dominic Carbone is in East Brunswick. Adriano Carbone works in the Block Arcade in the CBD. Adriano has been discussed on Style Forum. I just point this out in case you Googled the surname. I have not been a customer of either tailor. Thanks Ned Kelly. I am aware of Adriano in the CBD, i was definitely after some info on Domenic Carbone based on Lygon Street BrunswicK East
Hi guys, ive been a long time reader and have finally got round to posting for the first time. i have been reccomended to go and see Domenic Carbone in Melbourne for a suit. does anyone have any opinions on Demenics work? Thanks
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