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Follow up on the Storm coat.. No restock planned on Iridescent twill, I guess I have only Olive Ripstop option left.I like the coat but I am not sure I $900 like it which was approx. quote I got for proxy
I knew a singaporean dude who dressed like last picture. He was surprised he could wear like that in the summer (it does get hot in Minneapolis but I guess without the humidity) without hating every second spent outside. toasty, Kiwi Sandals is always a solid choice for sandals as well
x-posting this awesome coat from current season Engineered Garments The color scheme reminds me of Ten C Snow Smock + Shearling liner. So much awesomeness
Speaking of Freak's Store.. Olive ripcord has been restocked and new color I did not see before Hnggggggggg so good... I shot an email over to see if it will ever get restocked but now I am wondering if I should just get the Navy poplin or Green ripstop version.
I'm a small~medium so I'll take link from both of y'alls :PI will try to take some pictures soon!Thanks everyone for kind replies.
wait wat. WHERE??
Maximum lulz when played in sync (have to be played in separate windows)
Damn.. that looks so nice. I wish mine had quilts
I am getting a flashback.
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