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I am getting a flashback.
image name says "mr-hare-mens-johdpur-boot---brown-_1"
I knew it I am 5'8'' and its either arm hole cutting arm pit or boxy and long everywhere. I have a wind shirt (black) and a snow smock (olive). And yes they get stained easily. easy to clean up though. Wet a sponge with dish soap and carefully rub it.
You must be a tall guy. Great fit.
That is the whole sentence not cropped. Sounds legit
Looking at APC and OL washed denim. Honestly they look not very different to me and I was wondering if there are anything I should be aware of before making an arbitrary decision. Thanks in advance!
Was wondering where to ask this question and ended up here, as EG was the trigger point. Recently I found out I am not a (at least for Japanese brands) size Small guy anymore but more of 'in between sizes.' Having been a thin framed guy I knew this time would come, but I came to this conclusion when I found myself not wearing summer EG pieces and other Japanese-made stuffs as they felt constricting. I am short, and have even shorter arm for my height so size S used to be...
Sizing down so I am guessing it fits 8.5 not 7.5!
I got this guys You are one of my fav posters pls don't yell at me
So umm.... is there a bottleneck on refund queue as well..? Im on my 3rd week (for refund)
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