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Dat pinroll
I think he meant Minimus*
Isn't that the store that did the Inverallan group order and raped everyone with delay's and customs? Apologies if not
I already got the reverse indigo one but its silky texture and the cut makes it my favorite purchase of the season. Is it too redundant to own in two floral shirts in same pattern but in different color?
Im so boring I wear same stuffs from 2010, and 2010 me can probably wear the clothing I bought last week
Thanks, got 2 Nanamica pieces I wanted. Its funny how their original price is literally x2 the price from the official web store
Decisions decisions.. Might just get Adidas Pureboost
Is it a bad idea to buy a used speaker? A guy around my area is selling a soundlink 2 for $150, a year old with some scuffs. I've never bought electronics used so I am not sure what I should be wary of, or if this is a bad idea to begin with. RFT: Wore needles jacket, got called fob on campus. -_- not sure if complement for pulling off OG fob circa 19087 look.
I guess I could've gotten the Sakura color way, but this one seemed to be easier to pull off.
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