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I'm a small~medium so I'll take link from both of y'alls :PI will try to take some pictures soon!Thanks everyone for kind replies.
wait wat. WHERE??
Maximum lulz when played in sync (have to be played in separate windows)
Damn.. that looks so nice. I wish mine had quilts
I am getting a flashback.
image name says "mr-hare-mens-johdpur-boot---brown-_1"
I knew it I am 5'8'' and its either arm hole cutting arm pit or boxy and long everywhere. I have a wind shirt (black) and a snow smock (olive). And yes they get stained easily. easy to clean up though. Wet a sponge with dish soap and carefully rub it.
You must be a tall guy. Great fit.
That is the whole sentence not cropped. Sounds legit
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