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i hope you all get your jackets before the spots get sold [[SPOILER]]
Instructions on distressing Dayton boots? They look awesome!
Are people actually asking for +@ than what they paid? lol edit: I guess the title of the thread does state "dont sell for a loss"
zipper tote 256 257 here. They are all loved equally
I can kind of see why I kind of like how Carmina Jodhpurs but I have no idea how to wear navy and am somehow biased those kind of shoes are only worn by tall lanky white guys
soo... I am supposed to put things in basket furiously until I somehow put it at the right time in order to receive that coupon? I'll just take 20% code thanks
I think I am same foot size as you mikey so I've had my share of small sized boots but don't you think the boots look kind of oddly stubby even for 8?
Just received Nikwax from STP. Will report on restoration effect.So.... may I ask why you are in this thread..?
When I was all "Made in China is inferior" (it was a phase mom!) I got a Veilance jacket, and I feel like I could've gotten a mainline Arcteryx and spend $200 on other things or save up. It is okay designed with no logo, but nothing it has is "of the future" - the nylon/ gore fabric, hardware, taping everything has been here for years if not decades.
New Posts  All Forums: