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A local tailor commented that the linen fabric of floral shorts were very unique. Were they also from Japan Mauro? The texture looks identical (as well as fabric blend component) to this Eternal shorts:
Would buy Goyard x Black and Decker power tool
yay college welcome week!
Baseball vest 2014
My travel shoes are almost exclusively Guidi and sandals. Sneakers wear out too fast while traveling IMO. Those two can be resoled pretty easily and don't look too bad beat up.
i hope you all get your jackets before the spots get sold [[SPOILER]]
Instructions on distressing Dayton boots? They look awesome!
Are people actually asking for +@ than what they paid? lol edit: I guess the title of the thread does state "dont sell for a loss"
zipper tote 256 257 here. They are all loved equally
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