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I don't think I've ever had jeans that stack nicely like JE. Love them
I would've gotten two pairs if Lian offered the riri zips.
NF jackets fit slim so do count that into consideration
^ yep.
3 years ago I bought a couple pieces from brand HAMMERTHOR when some online retailer was going out of business. Never heard of them before, I just needed some basics for cheap. Today, they are still going strong after regular wear and some accidental hot washing with towels. When I tried to find more, the only stockist I could find was Frans Boone with limited models. I would like to contact the company to see if I can order from them directly, but their official site is...
Probably will be wearing with suits/work attire in the city during the shit weather. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Veilance has the utility (packable, breathable) but it also has the #techgear feeling that I found to love and hate at the same Eidos Cardi is awesome hooray
I've been pretty satisfied with my LX100.
RC Tiger Fleece from head to toe?
I wonder how Thedi's doing in Greece with recent events
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