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I wonder how Thedi's doing in Greece with recent events
With this summer I have probably 12 shades of yellow on me but none of them are pale so I guess I will be fine.. ? What would be a different way of styling the robe/cardigan?
Can't find last season TS(S) cardigans, upcoming fw2015 TS(S) and EG don't seem to have good belted cardigans, I think I will take a bite and see what it's like.
Just wondering, are they still doing the MTO?
^ Yes, and I used to wear my gate with faded denim. Saw a local band guy wear birdpoop gats with tight leather pants and thought it was I am still on the lookout for robes that I can wear for dog walking+trip to cafe/all-night binge netflixing/go full Dude. Any suggestions?
Second one IS the W+H robe though
Trying to decide on a robe for that cozy walk in the misty morning steeze
I am a 8c Brannock and 7.5 fit me well
Man high quality leathers have no love for guys with short arm
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