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Yes and yes, you recognize the east river bank?Can't wait until tomorrow to see Korea get wrecked by Belgium.. Go USA!
Saw a women very nice looking pair of wellies from Sorel when it poured in Chicago last weekend. I wonder if there are any good rain shoes for men? I got veilance outerwear and outlier pants for my body but footwear wise, all I have are sandals and a pair of havainas.
Ten C Field jacket has very nice slim fit + amazing color. That brand is like an abusive but hot ex, I keep coming back even though I know I will regret it.
Hey I tried that jacket on last weekend at Barneys. It's very unimpressive but if you don't own any kind of field jacket, and are on a budget, it's not bad.
Very mixed feeling about the soles. I remember rubbing my AF1 with eraser every other day to keep the white white.
How do those WJK side zips fit?
mmmm 4 way stretch fabric
God damn Korea sucked in the last game. Here's for the give-away event
There are some weird parts in this forum
Should've trusted Charly
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