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I am back. How do they fit you, and what do you wear in your other shoes?
Are you talking about the chukkas? Fits same as fk frees
Thanks. I got gray reverse satin fatigues. Olive fatigues are bread and butter of EG and i guess i can get them whenever i want.
Im contemplating on the workaday version because of the fabric options- ripstop (main EG) vs reverse satin. Are the fit of pants so different that I should consider?
Not sure if eww or awesome. Probably freaking awesome
I would love to see the packed-unpacked pictures of those! Sounds like some crazy compartmentalizing skill was involved. With 257 I can definitely chuck anything I need for a day at school/work. 256 on the other hand..
well Hender piece is gone so I assume someone did.
You guys are really not helping me with moderation.. Every night I go to bed I hear a murmur from inside the closet. Truman, Bedford and Andover want their brother back.. I am actually trying to see if I can save a bit more and go for the Storm parka or just go with the Baker jacket. Decisions decisions..
A local tailor commented that the linen fabric of floral shorts were very unique. Were they also from Japan Mauro? The texture looks identical (as well as fabric blend component) to this Eternal shorts:
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