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I started my down outerwear journey with columbia cheap-ass down jacket ($99), went all the way up to Canada Goose and Duvetica in 4 years, because Minnesota. However, I still couldn't deal with the feather coming out and/or sometimes poking me with pointy ends of the feather. That, and having to dry clean them have been a hassle and I now resort to primaloft and polartec with gore-tex shell. Am I asking too much if I want a ~$1k down jacket that won't bother me and just...
Would love to pay $$ for whoever's going to the R+C sample sale. PM me!
Is this Japanese Medium or US Medium?
Any recommendations for mid to high rise raw denim? I have a slim waist compared to thigh and glutes so I almost gave up finding jeans that fit,,, Its either too tight in the butt or too roomy in the legs so I am guessing maybe higher rise will do the trick,
Ouch. This isn't my first technical jacket, I nikwax and hang dry mine.
Dieworkwear, I was the person who complained about the waterproof issue. Interestingly enough, unlike ventile which stiffens up (and thereby preventing further soaking through of the fabric) with water, I found it get softened, kind of wobbly in fact. The sleeves were lined and by the time you take out the jackets you probably will be wearing something long anyways. I did, however feel some moisture when I wore the jacket in the rain (That was like one time I didn't bring...
Loved my first season tech fleece pants but don't want to drop another $200 on replacement for both pairs. Any good alternatives?
Japanese stockist also carry 44. I tried them on and tbh 44 fits better on my standard 36 body when wearing without the liner
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