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I am 5'9'' 150, and when I tried CG stuffs on I ended up getting size XS. It's for when I am wearing either a tee or a bd under it though.
If anyone is going to fivestory nyc and is willing to proxy for some fee pm me please
TheBureau* (sorry my brain mixed it up with TBS) has Ten C jackets for like 60% off. Its not $1000 good, but $400? Its amazing.
Since joining the military this fall my dad took over my wardrobe. He buys clothes on clearance rack and never really had time to look at how he looks besides his office attire. Today he went to Xmas service wearing bright Patagonia vest over Engineered Garments suit with Guidi shoes. Looked ridiculously awesome. My old man is living my dream.
Damn, thats quite a feat. How did you do that?
I will post picture soon, but the inside of the pants is where its really messed up and the pilling around crotch to upper leg is actually starting to get a little scratchy. Applying lotion on thigh after shower fixes the problem but I'd rather just give away at the end of season. The search for the ultimate summer pants resumes..
TSXChampion is made by CYC IIrc
It's not going to look pretty (How the pants drape or how they snag and catch all white flacks that exist and don't exist) but it does its job very well.
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