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I think I can wear some of the EG blazers inside out. Some of their inner lining is amazing (Black viscose with silk paisley sleeve/ colorful floral, etc) edit: I had this thought after seeing some Yohji and CDG stuff from the past that had the inside-out detail. Now I wonder what their inside look like
Asked many times before, but mostly for folks in the East Coast. Where do I resole my guidis, preferably in the MidWest? Thanks
I have a jacket and mitten from EG that use same wool herringbone fabric. Hmmmmm..
Came in with the hope for the new batch of orders shipped, a little disappointed
Han Copenhagen. Woudlve gotten one for myself if it fit my big-even-for-asians head.
NEWSLETTER WHEN I need some tees for the summer! ps. Scoop neck in 1 month make it happen
holy shit.
I would've jumped on e berts shoes too had it been a tad bit smaller
Yep. I need the letter to drop, and fast so I can wear them in Korea this summer!
My eyes hurt :/
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