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ps. Can you make sure the inseam isn't too long for my 5'8" Asian legs? (But not to tight and short like Camo shorts)
"Secret Archive" $345 swimming shorts No wonder everything has full size run
Plum and Khaki chambray shirts sounds rad (although I doubt anyonr else would like a pair)
Hey DBear, Do you have the measurement? I have a 46 trouser and I swim in them (Im 31~2 waist)
B-but, your profile picture..
Get these as well:
As a guy who waited 1 1/2 years for my Cigar Shell, I am offended by your statement. Does not make me any less stupid for what I've done though. :ember: [[SPOILER]]
Do they even have a slot for a promo code?
its iise [eeh'seh]
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