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Damn, thats quite a feat. How did you do that?
I will post picture soon, but the inside of the pants is where its really messed up and the pilling around crotch to upper leg is actually starting to get a little scratchy. Applying lotion on thigh after shower fixes the problem but I'd rather just give away at the end of season. The search for the ultimate summer pants resumes..
TSXChampion is made by CYC IIrc
It's not going to look pretty (How the pants drape or how they snag and catch all white flacks that exist and don't exist) but it does its job very well.
inb4 COS decline in quality after landing in the US
I found guidi to work great with EG stuffs, especially when you are going for slim fit
Yeah. Miscommunication between ToJ and the workshop it seems.
Man moving overseas suck. I tried to keep my stuffs to minimum, so basically most of the stuffs I carry across are my clothes/shoes. On one hand, I am appalled at the TSA horror stories of bags disappearing due to poor handling, and I am also annoyed at the possibility that I might have to pay 28% customs for my clothing because the value of the contents is above their $1500 limit (Around $5-6k). Hopefully I read the rules wrong and I won't be subject to customs bomb..
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