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God damn Korea sucked in the last game. Here's for the give-away event
There are some weird parts in this forum
Should've trusted Charly
I love the ultralights for how light and breathable they are, but $240 pants really shouldn't be doing this. Washed with dark clothes, pants in a separate garment bag.
Do you like (unintentionally) frustrating communication? Do you like being molested by customs? Le Rayon Frais is on sale!
Thanks for the explanation. Now I am wondering if I should just return my Nonnative/Needles orders, take a trip to Japan and buy them locally because it wouldn't cost different to do so! Of course, stock is drying out as it is almost end of season but Big names like Nanamica or Kapital seem to be well stocked with their steady sellers.
Engineered garments is made in the USA, sold at almost same price in Japan. Needles is made in Japan, but sold at $70~$150 (BD shirts from roughly $190 to $290, denim jacket from $270 in Japan to $440 here) up charge in the USA/NA. I wonder why this is the case
My experience with Gap knits (along with all the mall brands) was that they pill really easily. I really can't be bothered to dry clean $50 sweater but they look bad after some wash :/
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