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inb4 COS decline in quality after landing in the US
I found guidi to work great with EG stuffs, especially when you are going for slim fit
Yeah. Miscommunication between ToJ and the workshop it seems.
Man moving overseas suck. I tried to keep my stuffs to minimum, so basically most of the stuffs I carry across are my clothes/shoes. On one hand, I am appalled at the TSA horror stories of bags disappearing due to poor handling, and I am also annoyed at the possibility that I might have to pay 28% customs for my clothing because the value of the contents is above their $1500 limit (Around $5-6k). Hopefully I read the rules wrong and I won't be subject to customs bomb..
sick hyperlink
It's been 2 months since I returned the jacket and requested a refund.. is this being done in batches or what :/
Dat pinroll
I think he meant Minimus*
Isn't that the store that did the Inverallan group order and raped everyone with delay's and customs? Apologies if not
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