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Yep. So does Oakley, Ray Ban and Super, etc. They have more protruded nose pad to have more secure fit.Jokes on you that would slide right off my Asian nose
I have a Shuron sunglasses and they keep slipping off my Asian nose Does anyone know a good non-slip nose pad that works? Thanks! RFT: Saw a girl wearing Gyakusou. It was guy's convertible jacket but looked great on her.
Can anyone recommend non-slip nose pad for sunglasses? Thanks in advance
I am back. How do they fit you, and what do you wear in your other shoes?
Are you talking about the chukkas? Fits same as fk frees
Thanks. I got gray reverse satin fatigues. Olive fatigues are bread and butter of EG and i guess i can get them whenever i want.
Im contemplating on the workaday version because of the fabric options- ripstop (main EG) vs reverse satin. Are the fit of pants so different that I should consider?
Not sure if eww or awesome. Probably freaking awesome
I would love to see the packed-unpacked pictures of those! Sounds like some crazy compartmentalizing skill was involved. With 257 I can definitely chuck anything I need for a day at school/work. 256 on the other hand..
well Hender piece is gone so I assume someone did.
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