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Japanese stockist also carry 44. I tried them on and tbh 44 fits better on my standard 36 body when wearing without the liner
Welp, the Falcon Jacket has been delivered.How long did it take, like 2 weeks?
How much would a DR-1 cost with Front Quarter Horse Hide, preferably from sources such as Shinki? Curious to hear from the experts
Typical size 36 guy here. Size up or go TTS?
sooooo what's the code?
And to think that back in the good old days I got my jacket in 3 weeks from payment because I told Dan I was in a rush...
Folks who received the boots, I used the measurement pdf on the website and my foot is apparently right between 40.5 and 41, like between between size. Do I go half up or half down in size (40.5 v 41)? Im a 8.5 in Nikes and 7.5 D~8C in dress shoes.
I don't think I've ever had jeans that stack nicely like JE. Love them
I would've gotten two pairs if Lian offered the riri zips.
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