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So I was fidgeting with this box of leather caring goods that my friend has, and with my limited knowledge I decided to give my Filson bags some love following the simple manual which was: Saphir Reno Mat -> Saphir Médaille d'Or Cream -> Brush. I should have realized something was wrong when I realized how toxic the reno mat smelled. Now the straps of the bags are really dry, with some white residues not going away. Even worse, some parts of the straps are starting to...
This is bsically me irl. Narrow shoulder + short(er) arms = sleeves have to be bunched up or my hands hang awkwardly inside the sleeves. I might just order one with flat sleeves and have them folded a couple inches.
Why do Norwegians have to have such long arms Last two times I tried on I had to put the coats back because of extra 2 inches on the sleeves ㅜㅜ
Willing to let go of BNWT Size Small AV Field Jacket IS in Oceanus. Love my Mionn and Composite from years ago, but buying same size IS jacket was a total failure I am 5'8'' 150, and AV garments in Small has served me well until now. I find my arms swallowed by the spacious (but oh so soft) sleeves. Real shame because I appreciate the little details that they decided to put in the jacket, such as key rings and elastic cuffs. Oh and the color..
Okie I am back. Size Small is definitely NOT a size small. You should size down one. Even though the SA said it fits big in order to accommodate layering, the jacket wears weird if you actually do end up layering. Now the hardest part is to sell the jacket back. -_-
fw10? Biker jacket (or was it the bicycle jacket) fw13 Mittens Workaday pants
[[SPOILER]] Nice post! Are those new pair of Indys, or do you just have a mad shoe care skill?
Hey OP, I ordered the same IS field jacket in size Small. I am 5'8" 150lbs with a skinny build. It should arrive in few days. I will let you know how it fits. I guess if it turns out too big on me, which I believe is the case (hindsight is 20/20, I guess, should have looked closer at the measurement before just buying it after Mr.Porter's sizing recommendation), you will know that your size is Small.
^Because Asia Even the shield shoes seem to take in moisture after walking under weather for some time. I might just get some ugly gore-tex shoes.
Need a pair of water resistant/proof kicks for rainy days.. The Lunaterra Arktos boots have been a reliable companion for the last couple years but they are a hassle when I need to take them off/on outside.
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