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I guess I could've gotten the Sakura color way, but this one seemed to be easier to pull off.
It was by far my favorite WvG shirts (sno cone) and didn't want grease or barbecue sauce on it while grilling!
Yes and yes, you recognize the east river bank?Can't wait until tomorrow to see Korea get wrecked by Belgium.. Go USA!
Saw a women very nice looking pair of wellies from Sorel when it poured in Chicago last weekend. I wonder if there are any good rain shoes for men? I got veilance outerwear and outlier pants for my body but footwear wise, all I have are sandals and a pair of havainas.
Ten C Field jacket has very nice slim fit + amazing color. That brand is like an abusive but hot ex, I keep coming back even though I know I will regret it.
Hey I tried that jacket on last weekend at Barneys. It's very unimpressive but if you don't own any kind of field jacket, and are on a budget, it's not bad.
Very mixed feeling about the soles. I remember rubbing my AF1 with eraser every other day to keep the white white.
How do those WJK side zips fit?
mmmm 4 way stretch fabric
God damn Korea sucked in the last game. Here's for the give-away event
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