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Well at least in Tokyo I assume you get paid salary that somewhat matches the cost of living.. In Seoul you won't ever get paid enough for its obscene cost of living. Office jobs are screwed, IT jobs are screwed, so all the smart folks are now moving to medical area which is also becoming an underpaid red ocean. I'm working in a public sector for now so I can get by with steady paycheck as long as I don't spend $$$ on clothes, but most people in their mid~late 20s living...
Had same issue, shot them an email with pictures, got response something along the line of: We try to use eco friendly materials. Wait for little more wear and tear, then ship it back to us we will repair them with minimal cost (which in my experience is most likely free of charge). The quality may have dwindled a bit but their customer service is still impeccable, if you are in NA. That said, I am now in Korea so I am pretty much screwed (shipping to Canada = $70)
After carrying Otter Green and Tan Filson briefs for so long, for some reason I kind of want that Royal Blue ish brief/backpack which really stands out. Is this a bad idea? or go even crazier
2 years ago I imagined myself filling the formal wardrobe with Ring Jacket suits, and step up my street hobo look with KAPITAL when I moved to Korea for new job. Instead I am left with shitty KRW and I can't buy anything with my monthly paycheck after paying for rent + overpriced cost of living in Seoul. They say Canada Dollar is weak but oh boy Korean Won is showing me a whole new level of shitty currency . I bet Charly and co. is making boatload with how low the KRW is...
Would like to hear if there has been any development regarding this topic. I would like to order some Schoeller light weight 4-way stretch pants for Summer. Its a shame we have such nice fabric in 21st century but confined in Outdoor area.
I really want the nomin pack but I'm not sure if I can justify a 600 dollar nylon back pack
So I was fidgeting with this box of leather caring goods that my friend has, and with my limited knowledge I decided to give my Filson bags some love following the simple manual which was: Saphir Reno Mat -> Saphir Médaille d'Or Cream -> Brush. I should have realized something was wrong when I realized how toxic the reno mat smelled. Now the straps of the bags are really dry, with some white residues not going away. Even worse, some parts of the straps are starting to...
This is bsically me irl. Narrow shoulder + short(er) arms = sleeves have to be bunched up or my hands hang awkwardly inside the sleeves. I might just order one with flat sleeves and have them folded a couple inches.
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