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Just realized that the 2016 mayflys are not lined with leather: vs I wonder how that would change the experience when wearing barefoot?
They must have some huge following over there. I saw at least a few people in the birds of paradise prints when I was there few years ago
Mike, or anyone who can help me with this issue- I just can't log in to Massdrop website; the website freezes when I log in with whatever log in option available. I dunno what's up with my computer- never had problems with it before. Is there somehow any other way to get a hold of the Massdrop X SF trainer preorder? I wonder if I am having problem because I am trying to log in (via facebook account) from overseas?
Totally. I wish they improved on the outsole- those wore out really quickly (Or maybe its just that I loved them so much I pretty much wore them every other day for that summer)
I totally missed that Preorder thread! thanks
Can't believe I missed the combat boots. The color8 ish one could have been the travel boots that I have been searching for oh so long. I really needed them to replace the beat up Indys (which is pretty amazing pair by itself)
I already have the big tan briefcase compartment filled by Filson 257 but wow it looks really nice
Re: Bread and Boxers I have a couple v necks from these guys when they were on sale. Not bad for the price I paid. When I snooped around the website I was surprised that it is owned by "United Legwear' a company which also owns Happy Socks, PUMA and such. I thought it was one of those independent small brands because of its simple and neat packaging and well,, its 'brain child of two Swedish friends blah blah blah' I guess you never know
How is the quality of the shirts? the product shot reminds me of mall brand clothes
I am open to offer. Please dont hesitate to pm!
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