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Only French or Canadian can pull this off, according to my old French speaking Canadian teacher.
Mauro probably has the numbers but I am 5'8'' and the inseam goes touch below my knee. Mauro do you plan on by any chance a 3-pack or 5-pack for future tees? Just like you did a couple years ago with over dyes. I will probably buy v neck on all colors, might as well ask for some extra discount
Inseam is kinda long unfortunately Will need to hem about good 2 inches. ps. Bummed these are made in NYC. What about the sweet Korean ladies in DC (or wherever the knickers were made)?
Received floral shorts. WOW. WOW I don't know how much pair Mauro can make but do NOT sleep on these. The fabric is crazy. Will post pic when I am done with work.
Don't like the printed pebble grain. Feels extra fake (part of why I don't get the Damier fetish among Koreans)
The guys are very helpful and you can pretty much get anything for -50%. Now if they actually found a mid-point where they drop the retail price a little and start focus on consistency..
Maaauuroooooo when will the shorts be ready? It's finally above 40f and I am ready for shorts
You should pester Jay @ Blueowl. He use to stock CA4LA but not anymroe
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