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so goood
EG in Japan price? or EG in the US price
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... ha....
I remember seeing a moto jacket with detachable sleeves. Siki maybe? edit: I think it was from a Japanese maker// I don't remember the brand but it was pretty nice. I tried googling but I keep getting creepy leather daddy stuffs like these: [[SPOILER]] Does anyone else know the jacket I am looking for?
Oh, I should've read more carefully you do mention which are new. I apologize. What's the story behind Hum & Rawr cap? Was it too small?
Are they all used hats?
Also an upside down flag is too #edgy IMO.
Used to be $191 free shipping IIRC Too bad they got rid of 30% discount
^ lol how are you so sure
I am not holding my breath but I do hope I wake up with a shipping notice
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