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Mike, or anyone who can help me with this issue- I just can't log in to Massdrop website; the website freezes when I log in with whatever log in option available. I dunno what's up with my computer- never had problems with it before. Is there somehow any other way to get a hold of the Massdrop X SF trainer preorder? I wonder if I am having problem because I am trying to log in (via facebook account) from overseas?
Totally. I wish they improved on the outsole- those wore out really quickly (Or maybe its just that I loved them so much I pretty much wore them every other day for that summer)
I totally missed that Preorder thread! thanks
Can't believe I missed the combat boots. The color8 ish one could have been the travel boots that I have been searching for oh so long. I really needed them to replace the beat up Indys (which is pretty amazing pair by itself)
I already have the big tan briefcase compartment filled by Filson 257 but wow it looks really nice
Re: Bread and Boxers I have a couple v necks from these guys when they were on sale. Not bad for the price I paid. When I snooped around the website I was surprised that it is owned by "United Legwear' a company which also owns Happy Socks, PUMA and such. I thought it was one of those independent small brands because of its simple and neat packaging and well,, its 'brain child of two Swedish friends blah blah blah' I guess you never know
How is the quality of the shirts? the product shot reminds me of mall brand clothes
I am open to offer. Please dont hesitate to pm!
I gave it to my brother and moved on to tan 257 but sure I will ask him to take a couple snaps.
Brand new. Colorway was out of stock in Korea, and the usually brutal customs was zeroed out by the sales. why the heck not? Except the sleeves didn't work out. The jacket was insulated with coreloft padding so instead of stacking the sleeves were flat long about 2 inches, which is after weeks of it just sitting inside the wardrobe (in garment bag of course!) I've decided to put it on B/S, Most details are depicted on the official webpage,...
New Posts  All Forums: