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What do you call the style of collar which seems to be seamlessly attached at the neck (or are they one piece to begin with?? I've seen them in some polos and I can't quite remember the name of the style. Also, @luxire, a question on your Scheoller offering, http://custom.luxire.com/products/schoeller-fabric-light-grey-4656_282_98550_light_grey_schoeller This one says dry cleaning only. Is this your guideline or from Schoeller? Just wondering because fabric with such...
Hey luxire, any recent development regarding Scholler stretch fabric? Dying to get some stretchy shorts for the summer at the beach
I have a composite which I carry almost everywhere when I travel, including SEA (of course not in the middle of summer. why would you go there in summer ). Like John Galt above mentioned its rear part is composed of breathable (but still rainproof) fabric so you can wear it in a warmer/wetter climate as well. Although you will be hard pressed to find anyone wearing a full length rain jacket in Vietnam. JG, if I am not in Canada, am I still eligible for good deals?
I got my order 'returned' from Carson Streetsale. Did this happen to anyone else?
@nstarleather My last wallet was also $65 horsehide bifold by Scott (Don't Mourn). Apparently he is swamped with work and I don't want to bother the old man with my 5th? order. I am not concerned with the cost as much as I do with craftsmanship. Cordovan or Horsehide, any hard wearing leather will do.
Can you guys recommend any good independent wallet maker? I am thinking $250>> for a clean bifold. Thanks in advance
Stainless, still left with 2nd degree burn
I know mine is going to look like poop in less than a week wearing them in the crowded city of Seoul but dang it the Alabaster is so clean
Just realized that the 2016 mayflys are not lined with leather: vs I wonder how that would change the experience when wearing barefoot?
They must have some huge following over there. I saw at least a few people in the birds of paradise prints when I was there few years ago
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