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Can't wait to grab a pair for 50% off.
Sno cone shirts was basically a 4 season shirts for me. Color and texture made it an all year rounder. We need a rerun please Maurooo
u mean, fisherman saldalz?
No shame in big name brands during polar vortex. Say what you will but Canada Goose kept me toasty (sometimes too much) in -15 weather.
Chubby DBear jr. too cute
I swear some of the face smudges give me nightmares
ToJ crew was nice enough to offer me a repair(?) and make it right if I bring the jacket in. I guess adding the quilting over the shoulder isn't too difficult. However, I just don't have enough time to enjoy the jacket (with the initial wait time I would've had two seasons at least), and I am trying to see if I can just sell the jacket as-is while it is in a new condition.
Holy shit.
Thanks for the comments. I wonder how the composite jacket will perform as while it does have a fabric with bigger pores for breathability it does weight good amount more. One way to find out!
If you have checked the links more carefully, the cheaper jacket has gore tex and more expensive one has wind stopper. I do not mean to be rude, but what is your point?
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