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Thanks for the comments. I wonder how the composite jacket will perform as while it does have a fabric with bigger pores for breathability it does weight good amount more. One way to find out!
If you have checked the links more carefully, the cheaper jacket has gore tex and more expensive one has wind stopper. I do not mean to be rude, but what is your point?
Could someone well versed in the brand, or the tech fabric please tell me why this is $95 more expensive than this one ?? An extra side pocket, and buttoned cuff (composite jacket) versus 90 gram lighter weight (actuator jacket). That's whopping 25% lighter. While I am a fan of 5 lbs waxed cotton jacket over featherweights like these, I can't wrap around my head how actuator is much cheaper with seemingly better specs to me.
I meant inseam for tropical shorts
Huh. I wonder what makes the latter pic a more generic leather daddy stuff compared to the one above.
I like the strap around the collar.
Navy lamb chanel quilted
Since a lot of us are interested in the color/material options, as well as pricing could @Thurston Bros post the info here?
Thank you kinda tired of $500 rags BECAUSE JAPAN theme while doing a rerun from the first page.
HOLY SHIT. Well, 30% is probably as low as they will go, but I still feel like its overpriced
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