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I am envious of the coloring.My version from Leffot last year is of the extremely dark variety, basically black, as are my antique edge PTBs from Need Supply, antique edge LWB via TSM seconds, and Epaulet Alt Weins.2015 was a very dark year for color 8.My WT boots, J Crew PTC, and 11.5C LWB (for sale) are a much more appealing color.And honestly, my favorite color of burgundy cordovan was the old allen edmonds before they started doing the acrylic glazing. I had some...
What last is the Snowdon 2?
Technically the last gives the bump, and the celastic just preserves the shape.
Looking at this picture from this article, it appears that there is something between the canvas lining and the leather.You could also email them and ask.
I wear 11.5D Barrie and tried an 11 E UK Warlow on 325 last. It's significantly wider than the Barrie, so much so that I cannot wear it. The length is pretty similar.My 11.5 RL Marlow fits perfectly, though, so the advice about it being the same last and a half size down is a big fat lie.
I can't believe the love for the 110 last. Have fun, I guess. I have to be out on this round.
I bought this via SF GTMO. It was dubbed the 'Warlow' to be a whisky version of the RL Marlow wing tip blucher. Unfortunately they must have used a narrow 325 last on the Marlow because this fits much wider than the Marlow for me. 325 last 11 E UK Whiskey Shell Leather sole Worn 3 times before admitting that they're just too big. Each wear was basically from house to car, from parking lot to work, and back.
Regarding the Millwright, if 5 eyelets aren't available, what is? Also, if we only go with 110 and 2030 I cannot participate. Can the crust CXL 2045 boot be stitchdown?
How does 310 fit compared to 1035? 1035 fits be pretty perfectly at 11.5. 110 and 2030 are too tapered in the same size.
Those have a great color. Mine are from a recent run with near-black color 8. =(
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