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PSA: Size 12D Grant lasted color 8 wingtip boots with antique flat welt on commando are on their way back to TSM. Unfortunately the grant last is not a good fit. It's a bit narrow in the toe box but sloppy in the ankle, which is exactly the opposite of what I need with my duck feet. These were on the irregular list, so they should be available in a week or so. Here are the defects: Wonky stitching on the back: Collar was folded when stitched:
Is that from the charity auction?
I'm about to pull the trigger on the coyote rough outs now that ordering is back. I'm going to go with a plain toe, but I'm not sure if I want structured or unstructured. Does anyone have any worn in versions of these to post?
The problem with using neutral polish is that it often ends up with white residue and flakiness, which looks bad on darker colors.Also, using reno as the only conditioner may not be the best thing. You're better off using a real conditioner like Bick4 or Lexol for occasional (2x per year) conditioning.GlenKaren neutral creme might be worth a try. I just received some of his light brown, and it's a lot less opaque than other brands I've tried, so it may work well for you....
Deer bone is good for scuffs and dings, but not so much for creases. At least, not to lessen them. Sometimes creases get a sandy texture, and it helps to smooth that out.
The color on the welt. On mine, the welt and midsole are both finished a nice medium brown. These look like natural unfinished welts, like an indy boot.
I concur. I feel similarly about the AE Dalton boot.
I have the same thing coming via the seconds list. Is it a single or double leather sole?
Indeed. It's a faster, cheaper construction method, and less sound. It's weird. On one hand he wants to hold on to his artistic vision, but on the other he wants to make the production line cheaper and faster.
This is different than the recent run. Where did these come from?
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