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Yep. Sad times. The brown is only sold out in 13, so maybe the lack of sales will speak loudly enough.
What does the material feel like? Is it soft and pliable?
Beautiful. Did you have to send it to Viberg for resoling, or can a third party do a stitch-down?
Seriously? They don't even look like they've been flexed before.
I am the culprit. I wear 11.5-12 in Barrie depending on the welt. I recently had to put my 11.5D JCrew PCT on the classifieds becuase they were too small in the toe box compared to the same last in other worm welted boots. I saw a classified for this leffot makeup and the guy said he felt this one fits more TTS (possibly like the J Crew one), so I ordered the 12.If they don't fit well, I can give you dibs if you want.
Probably more like next year. I pre-ordered the Epaulet color 8 Alt Wien last July and there is still no ETA. Then there is the whole Madison Ave Ravello ordeal. I'll probably totally forget about them before they are ready.
Next time we can place bets like int he film Rat Race.
After two unsuccessful attempts at the Leffot color 8 tanker, I ended up getting the Citishoes model with the black storm welt.Unfortunately, this didn't help me and I ended up just pre-ordering the Leffot one anyway. It just looks the best out of all of them with the 360 degree antique flat welt.
This was great advice. Thanks.
Which one were you going for? I got the color 8 tanker 12D. This is the third time I've tried for it.
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