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I think so, yes. I am a 12D on the Brannock. I had several sizing experiments on the Trubalance last, finally discovering that down a width is the best solution for me, so I have a 12C which fits nicely.Trubalance is a wide last, but not long, so sizing down in width is a safe guess.
Happy whiskey day.
Beautiful. I like that the shade of color 8 is a bit lighter than the almost-black version I have.
Yes, that's how I feel exactly about the wobbliness.
I have some with those soles, and I'm not a fan. They're very heavy, for one, and indeed very squishy. I feel a bit unstable, actually, when I wear them.
They will tell you to go through your stockist.
I wear 11.5D in Barrie and my 11E UK Warlow is good in length but is wider with more volume, so I think maybe 9E UK would be good.
Finally admitting that the 110 last doesn't work for me. See sig for details. So sad.
Rider Dundalk Reverso 300 vegtan calf size 12 Comes with original bags Bought second hand. I wore them 3 times. Too narrow for me in the toes. Full Album: http://imgur.com/a/Ex3BG
Viberg Aged Bark Chukka 110 Last 11.5 3 wears Bought new via SF GMTO Cats paw heel and vibram half sole Aged bark is a chamois/nubuck type leather Full Album: http://imgur.com/a/WoaTu
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