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[[SPOILER]] Do you wear a jacket with it or just let it dangle?
I just wanted to commend the exchange with Alden of NY (Madison Ave) and the letter they attached from Bob at Alden regarding the overcommitment of the Ravello shell. I think it's very admirable the way both Alden and the independent shop have handled this. Bob explained the situation, took ownership, apologized, and did what he could to help make it right. Likewise, the shop offered reasonable reparations and apologized for the delay. They have earned my respect and...
I'm going to be returning the Natty CXL to Mr. Porter in a size 12 soon, in case anyone needs it. I had tried an 11 on the 2030 and it was a tad too small. 11.5 on the 1035 is amazing. I was hoping I could get away with the 12 on the 2030, but I'm swimming in it. Curse Mr. Porter and their lack of half sizes!!!
Viberg x Palmer Trading Bad Seed Service Boot size 11 Horween Black Waxed Flesh British Dainite Sole Viberg 2030 Last Brogue Cap Toe with Half Moon Pinking 10 Nickel Eyelets Natural Midsole Partially Structured Toe Full Leather Lining I was excited to join the Viberg bandwagon with these, but unfortunately Palmer's largest size they ordered was an 11. It turns out I need an 11.5. I did wear them maybe 5 times to see how they would work out, and the answer is that they...
I'm on the fence. I don't dislike them. They're just different than everything I've had thus far.This last is so damn comfortable, though.After going through Alden and C&J and AE, it's amazing how much better the quality of Viberg is.
Fuck. I want this. How do I get this?
Tan Horsehide on the 1035 last. I'm on the fence as to if I want to keep them. The fit is great, though. Very comfortable. I'm just uncertain on all the inconsistent grain/wrinkles/lines/etc. What do you think?
Size 11.5DIt's odd because I've ordered new first quality Aldens that were in far worse shape than some of the irregulars I've ordered.There were actually several on the last round of irregular emails, so you could always call TSM and ask about style FD-D3904C.Yeah, they look exactly like the Epaulet ones. All brass eyelets, antique edge, commando sole, contrast stitching, but one inconsistency is that Epaulet website says they're in Trubalance but the Alden email says...
I just got some Alden irregulars delivered, one of which was the Navy CXL tanker boot. Honestly I can't even see what the defect is. Anyway, what do you wear with these? I'm not sure I can actually pull these off.
I don't know if it's okay to post here, but my Viberg "Bad Seed" service boots in black waxed flesh just don't fit well so I put them on the bay. Size 11. Very little wear. No one has bid yet, so if I get a good offer here I can pull the listing.
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