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Those are beautiful.
My Whiskey Wednesday contribution. I picked these LWBs several years ago from another member who got them from Madison Ave. They were originally very pale, which at the time I did not like. I slathered them in dark brown cordovan creme which made the broguing and stitching darker, and turned the whole thing into a new shade. Now I wished I had just let them be. They're also a bit narrow. They are a C width whereas I need a D, but a slightly small Whiskey LWB is...
His pic looks hand stitched. You don't like?
That would be a fantastic makeup. I hope Truman comes up with a nice derby pattern.
The leather has a slighly more green tone than the photos were able to capture. Or maybe it's my monitor. The leather is indeed amazing. I am please with my purchase.
Looks like an older model with machine stitching. Looks great.
New Boot Day!! Truman Dark Olive Unstructured plain toe, 7 antique brass eyelets, keep pull tab, and Lactae-Hevea sole, size 12.5. I have to size up .5 for Truman due to my Big Fat Toe. Truman size N feels very similar to, if not a touch more narrow than, the Viberg 2030 size (N - .5) They smell like Chromepak, the leather is nice and thick and supple with nice pull-up. The sole is natural latex and is heavy and soft. I probably should have gone structured. I've...
I found the 2030 Mahogany shell to fit very similarly to the majority of the other 2030 boots I had tried. They were a tad more loose overall, but not in the toe box. The shell they used was very dry and stiff to boot.
Since that looks vastly different than their photos online, I'd personally return. If you're asking, you probably aren't thrilled. The photos online make it look similar to CXL rather than the aforementioned scrotum.
First, until you know you are going to keep them, try at all costs to avoid creases.Lace them loosely and wear on carpet.Stand up. Can you wiggle your toes freely? Push your foot forward. Do you toes press anywhere? Try to lift up all your toes. Are they restricted anywhere?With experience, each of us learn our own feet and our problem areas. Mine are my toes.
New Posts  All Forums: