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I would prefer the 360 welt (antique to boot) of the Leffot makeup, but I can't justify getting them in addition to my JCrew PCT.
I don't think it's calf. The original 405/401 description just says "workboot leather" and it seems significantly more stout than most calf I've worn, plus calf is an odd choice for a work boot. But it is Alden, after all, so who knows.As for the boots, the pattern of the indy boot seems to encourage creasing above the ankle. I think yours look great, though, and I personally would be very happy with them.Are these seconds or firsts?But that doesn't matter. What...
What size you looking for?
CXL is pretty stretchy. I'd stick with it.
Wow. LMK how they fit.
I think they look great. Still a bit of a brown undertone, it seems.
yes. I'm 12D on brannock, and 11.5 on 2030 is sometimes small: too tapered on the inside (big toe) of the toe box. Compare the taper of the toe box to other boots and you'll see what I mean.
A lot of us aren't huge fans of the goodyear welt that they have on the replacement models on .com and prefer the stitchdown variety.I think you should look at the black waxed flesh offerings from notre or palmer trading.
Wow. So what did size you end up ordering?
It depends on what you want them to look like over time. Some want it to look pristine, some want it to gain more of a patina.Saphir rennovateur is great for occasional cleaning/conditioning, and a very light coat of wax is good for protection/shine.Saphir has cordovan specific creams that supposedly are better as they don't contain turpentine, which they claim isn't good for shell, but not in a whisky shade, though I imagine you could mix the neutral and brown...Just...
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