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I was just looking at the leffot plain toe CXL boot, which they had in my size (11.5D). I clicked on the return policy to read it, then when I went back, they were gone. D'oh!
Any suggestions for conditioning, resisting scuffs, and water-resistifiying (new word) horween chromexcel WITHOUT darkening it? I have some alden 403 boots on which I used saphir dubbin grassie. It worked well but they are quite a bit darker than they once were. I ask because my original ones have ended up being too short and sloppy, so I went with a longer, narrower version.
A Barrie shoe fits nicely in the same size. There is enough room to wear thick socks if I want, but not so much room to be sloppy.I'm wearing the cordovan wing tip boot in the same size today and it feels great.Only the j.crew model has issues.
I've worn these probably 6 times so far for full days.Is is possible they accidentally used the wrong last?
Has anyone else had fitment issues with the J Crew cordovan cap toe boot? I have several barrie-lasted shoes and boots and they all fit great, but these in the same size do not. It feels like the toe box is narrower.
Maybe Alden installed dimmer lights to help with their QC metrics.
Of course. Just look at their re-crafting pictures!http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/RecraftingView
First, have you been polishing? A layer of polish provides protection against scuffs, so you should be doing that.Generally it comes down to just buffing and re-polishing, and possibly filling in scratches with wax.
Mike, those are a great shade. Much nicer than my recent "cigar" from TSM. Please share the source.New cigar:
What size insert did you get and for what size leeds?
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