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How long have you had them? I hope mine from AoM look as nice as these.
I have had mine for a week now as well, and the thickness of the CXL gives it almost no break/crease.
Alden for J Crew PCT boot, Shell Cordovan, Color 8. Size 11.5DThese seem to fit smaller than other shell boots in the same size and last and as such are a bit too small.I'm a 12 on the Brannock and 11.5D Barrie shell boots generally fit great, but these do not. If you follow the Alden thread there is a common consensus that these fit smaller for some reason.I wore them maybe 5 to 10 times before and again after sending them back to Alden for repair. The insole was...
Me too. I love the thickness of the CXL that viberg uses. It seems to really reduce the break at the creases. I wish Alden would go for thicker CXL in their models; they break like crazy.
Beautiful! where did you get them?
Those are on the Grant, Mike?
I'm guessing the different welt style might come into play as well.
After wearing them a few times, I have decided to admit that my 11.5D J. Crew PCT boots don't fit. They're supposedly a Barrie last, and I have 3 other shell Barrie lasted boots of the same size that fit fine, but these seem narrower in the toe box and maybe shorter. I really like the look of the color 8 PCT boot, though. Does anyone else stock something similar? I was apparently seconds too late for the last Leffot naval boot pre-order. =( I was indeed considering...
That's interesting. Maybe the formula has changed over the years? I can say with absolute certainly that the balm with my Vibergs has a very different smell and consistency than the large tin of VSC.Either way, I am sort of sold on the practice of avoiding toxic solvents. so I try not to use the stuff.
A lot of folks swear by that stuff, but I personally am not a fan. If it reeks of chemicals I won't use it.I did buy a big 32oz container of it, though, so if anyone wants to test it out, just pay for postage and I'll send a sample. I'm never going to go through all this. I have no idea what I would put it in, though.Also, the stuff I got with my Vibergs was Venetian Leather Balm, not shoe creme. It smells less like chemicals and is thicker.I also wonder how...
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