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I like it. I wanted the same thing, and I ordered the Citishoes version, but it has a giant fat welt that's not as attractive.
I probably wouldn't go to that cobbler.
You're welcome. It was total happenstance. I saw the link on their page, but it was dead. I really want that makeup, so I called and spoke to Mike. He was actually editing the page as we spoke and told me it should be working within the hour.So of course I wanted to share the news with you enablers here who have helped me get an expensive collection of unnecessary footwear.
Unfortunately Aberdeen is just awkward on my feet. It feels sloppy and short in Barrie size, and I didn't want to go through the order/return rigamarole to figure it out since I live in an Alden-free state (Colorado).
The last (Barrie vs Aberdeen) and the weld/edge color. Antique vs Black.Stock Alden medallion cap toe blucher:Epaulet Alt Wein makeup:
Epaulet JUST put up a pre order for some nice stuff, including that beautiful Alt Wein in color 8 with antique edge. Barrie last. I just got mine in for 11.5D.
Wait, so shoelaceexpress sells Statament shoelaces?
I would love to be able to try some non-Hampton cap toe oxfords, and I don't even need an unusual size.
I am hoping someone can answer a question about the lasts on the Leeds vs the Dalton boot. They're supposedly on the same last (511), but I have read that the boot last is actually quite different than the shoe last and is longer and more snug. I ask because I'm considering some shell Daltons in the same size as my Leeds(12D); My Leeds fit okay but are a bit too loose as my flat feet aren't tall enough and the lace flaps come all the way together and still aren't snug...
There was a post a while back about someone using Meltonian creme to change the color of his strands. The end result was even and nice, but I personally love the walnut color.I wouldn't recommend Meltonian, though, as it supposedly contains silicone.I would recommend stripping the existing wax with something like Saphir Renomat then conditioning, then applying a Saphir creme of your choice.Saphir cremes have a lot of pigment.What color are you going for? I think Cognac...
New Posts  All Forums: