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Finally got my Truman Derby in Marrone Horsehide. Order placed September 19th and delivered yesterday. They are pretty great. I sort of wish I would have gotten the antique brass eyelets, but I suppose I could have those put on after the fact if I wanted. The leather is amazing. It's so soft, thick, and tightly grained. It has some pull up that I wasn't expecting, and the color is that of a well worn baseball mitt. I love the material and I want more of it. The...
I had made some mistakes and bought two GTMOs (Lindrick and Warlow), only to learn that they are not actually on the same last as everyone says the original Marlow/Darlton was. They must be on the D fitting. The E fitting is way too big. Is there any interest in a Warlow in a D fitting to match the RL version?
Can you tell me which store?
I just called CitiShoes about those whiskey LWBs. They do have more in stock. The largest size he said they had now was 10.
I recently acquired some Tobacco Chamois LWB, the Leffot variety, second hand. My only complaint is the left shoe's eyelet holes aren't even. How do you all care for your Horween Chamois? It feels a bit waxy and exhibits some pull-up. I'd like to keep it looking nice.
Haha. I know what a LWB is. That's why I called it that. I was asking what brand it was.
I don't know! More than I can afford. Alas, we'll never know.
Gorgeous! What make are those LWBs? The condition is amazing.
For the children, obviously.Think of how much more people would be willing to pay for actual shell bergs!
Are these going to be welted only?
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