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I've removed the glaze from a couple pairs of Aldens. I used Acetone which was very harsh. In hindsight I should have used Renomat.Here is the color 8 unlined dover: http://imgur.com/a/OriU7And whiskey LWB end result - no progress pics. http://i.imgur.com/opQ7hN7.jpg?1
While it's true that their GYW feels very sturdy, knowing it's cemented construction just makes it inferior to me. I like the idea of the upper being stitched to the sole.
110 is similar in shape to 2030 with an almond-shaped toe box, but it's wider and shorter.I had several 2030 size 11.5 (which is my Barrie size) and they didn't fit great. I have a large wide big toe, and the taper on the tow box put pressure on it.I thought the 110 would work because it's wider, but I had no idea that it was significantly shorter, and I have the exact same fitment issue, though it's sloppy overall due to the width.As long as you're not wide in the toes...
Does anyone know if Vince changed something with lasting/production that gives boots significantly more volume? The Dark Olive I recently got is much more loose than the Snuff Mohawk.
Those are beautiful.
My Whiskey Wednesday contribution. I picked these LWBs several years ago from another member who got them from Madison Ave. They were originally very pale, which at the time I did not like. I slathered them in dark brown cordovan creme which made the broguing and stitching darker, and turned the whole thing into a new shade. Now I wished I had just let them be. They're also a bit narrow. They are a C width whereas I need a D, but a slightly small Whiskey LWB is...
His pic looks hand stitched. You don't like?
That would be a fantastic makeup. I hope Truman comes up with a nice derby pattern.
The leather has a slighly more green tone than the photos were able to capture. Or maybe it's my monitor. The leather is indeed amazing. I am please with my purchase.
Looks like an older model with machine stitching. Looks great.
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