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Clearly the solution is to slather the same dressing all over the rest of the shoe.
@Dino19 please use the latest version. Whatever you copied had omissions. Here is the latest version with your changes. Everyone please verify accuracy of your proposals.
Is this the one from May 15?
So it's not actual unicorn hide? I'm disappointed. It could have given the boots unnaturally long life.
Citishoes has a similar makeup with black reverse welt, speed hooks, and commando sole. Model 4020HChttp://www.citishoes.com/custom_boots.htmI originally ordered from Citishoes, but really want the Leffot version, which I pre-ordered. I'm going to sell the Citishoes variant assuming all goes well with Leffot.Here is my Citishoes model:
I am changing my submission (#17) because of the number of different boondockers. If I should add to it instead let me know.
Usually shell models are roomier as the material doesn't stretch over the last as much as other leathers.
Any chance of coffee chromepak?
1) "Route 66" Model: Chukka Last: 110 Leather: Tan Calf Tongue: Tan Calf Eyelets: 3 hidden eyelets Sole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge) Notes: Stitchdown construction 2) "Desert Stalwart" Model: Trench Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Tan Horse Tongue: Tan Horse Eyelets: 7 antique brass Sole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge) Notes: Stitchdown construction 3) "Modern Boondocker" Model: Service Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Roughout Natural CXL Eyelets: 7 Antique...
Wouldn't you prefer a corded sole on the Modern Boondocker, or is the Dainite what makes it modern?
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