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Gah. If those Pink shirts were 14.5 or even 15 you'd have three shirts sold. :/
Just got my pair of cufflinks in. They look great and the entire transaction was super easy. Thanks!
Weird... VLC has always played pretty much everything I've ever thrown at it.
I second the Ebay idea. I just bought a pair of slightly used AE loafers for $30 shipped. Pretty solid. If you are willing to look at pre owned and factory seconds there are a ton of options under $200. As previously suggested search eBay and lurk the B&S forum here for a week or so, I bet something nice'll pop up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Buy a suit on B&S an you'll get a much better deal. +1 And $500 is very steep for Lauren by RL anyways. I see them on sale for $250-$300 all the time at my Macy's.
Oh of course. Yes I realize it's main stream, over priced, etc. But hey I found it was a great meal and a great time.
New York Strip at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, with a side of shoestring fries (of course). Absolutely amazing. I will say, their 500 degree plate really seemed to help keep the steak warm for the entire meal. I would have guessed it wouldn't be useful after ~10min.
Not a movie, but Neal Caffrey from the TV show "White Collar" is very well dressed IMO. He wears his clothes, not the other way around; I particularly enjoy the fedora.
I would just wear a casual button-down with the brown loafers like you've suggested. I've never found polos to be "dressy" anyways... plus the button downs I own are more comfortable than my polos.
I just picked up a pair of AE loafers as well, I wear them all the time with straight leg/slim pants which as you say ends up showing some sock. I personally like the look, it's definitely more casual and it gives me a chance to show off some not-so-subtle socks. Does this make it "acceptable"? I have no idea but I like the look.
New Posts  All Forums: