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Agreed, I think listing the mill is one of the many ways you positively distinguish yourself from other competitors. I'm not sure I see the point behind labeling everything Luxire, as the customer knows they are buying from you and is trying to differentiate between your different fabrics.
I ordered the blue gingham fabric, using measurements from another MTM shirt I had made. I had a lot of specific requests, all of which were carried out perfectly. The shirt is now my favorite shirt, better in every way than my other MTM which was exactly triple the price. The buttons are fantastic MOP, especially for a shirt at this price point. I'm looking forward to ordering more shirts soon. I know it has been suggested/discussed before, but I'd like to add a word...
I like the color combo, plus the tail is seen so seldom it won't be glaringly obvious. Recent purchases for me include two Thomas Pink shirts on sale. Question for SF - does the dislike of Thomas Pink stem from its high price tag (yup), lack of history (kind of cheap to buy the name), or an actual belief the product is crap? The slim fit is perfect for me and their bold stripes are awesome and uncommon, perfect for a college student but not so great for business formal.
^agreed. Extremely skinny can look silly but extremely wide lapels always look ridiculous. But in general it really applies to the person's body type and proportions, as stated earlier.
I wear a vest casually somewhat often, but always with a buttoned shirt. I personally like it with the sleeves rolled up, reassures people you aren't trying to be overly formal.
Abboud is generally junk, Boss is hated on SF but may be an OK option if VERY marked down, and Ted Baker is more of a fashion/designer label. For that price range I would look at Thick as Thieves if you live near L.A. or wait and browse the B&S forum here.
Agreed, the list is obviously comprised of celebrities. The other thing is, I agree with some of these choices but many of the people on this list do not actually dress themselves - for example I believe LeBron has a few "advisers" that choose his wardrobe. I will say both Depp and Pitt seem to each have a unique style that is often off the beaten path, yet they both pull it off with significant swagger.
I'd say contenders would be: Italy England France Germany Spain Japan China () USA
London or New York. There's always stuff happening, plus places don't close at 10 like in Boston
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 the issue which spawned his question was the op's statement that his leg opening was one inch too wide. Whether we are talking about the flat across measurement or the actual circumference makes a big different when talking about how many inches too big it is. Saying you want a 7.75 inch leg opening is obviously interpreted as the flat across measurement, but if you told your tailor to remove one inch, it is...
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