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Looks great, I can't wait to receive it! I'll post some pics of my own for those interested.
In response to the kickstarter idea, which I think is a good one, I would recommend checking out Gustin. They do something similar and it seems to work quite well for them; in addition, from what I've heard (I have never ordered from them) they are remarkably good value for the money.
I personally think TF does casual better than they do formal, but to each their own. On topic, coat isn't that amazing IMO. It seems like a somewhat simple and rather awkward looking jacket if I'm being completely honest. If you really like it, look for it on sale.
I'm actually a big fan of St. Germain. My only issue with recommending it in this case is that it is a fairly.. nuanced flavor. For example it mixes well with gin but does not alter the flavor SIGNIFICANTLY. Definitely noticeable, but the OP may be better off going for something a little bolder, this early in his explorations. Though of course, the subtle flavor may be a good entry point, so, to each his own.
If you don't have a triple sec (and even if you do), I'd recommend Cointreau. It is in easily a third of the drinks I make on a regular basis; plays well with gin, vodka, tequila, even rye. Other than that, maybe a cognac or brandy? Get a middle level one like Courvosier or Remy Martin, good for sipping or making cocktails.
Not that I know of... I used a variety of ways to get the measurements and it wasn't at all scientific. I looked at the measurements of Cucinelli vests online, figuring I was in between a small and a medium. This was just to make sure I was in the right ballpark. Then I looked at my shirt measurements, and basically used those measurements with a few slight tweaks. I wanted the vest to be fitted, so I thought using the shirt measurements wouldn't be a terrible idea. I...
Just ordered a Cucinelli-style vest in the grey wool flannel fabric, I wanted to test it out with a cheaper fabric before committing to one of the Dugdale or Hunt Winterbotham fabrics. I'll post pictures as soon as it arrives, for those curious.
Bought these online, but they are unfortunately too small for me. Naked & Famous Mixed Box Twill, Skinny Guy fit size 30. Brand new, tags still intact. I literally tried them on once and knew they were far too small for me. I would trade for other denim size 30, or for sale for $60 shipped.
+ 50 = 51584
Every time I wear a dress shirt with jeans I tuck it in, she untucks it. Then I tuck it back in again. Every single time... she too likes the somewhat messy/not trying look. Though I'm slowly converting her
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