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Bought these online, but they are unfortunately too small for me. Naked & Famous Mixed Box Twill, Skinny Guy fit size 30. Brand new, tags still intact. I literally tried them on once and knew they were far too small for me. I would trade for other denim size 30, or for sale for $60 shipped.
+ 50 = 51584
Every time I wear a dress shirt with jeans I tuck it in, she untucks it. Then I tuck it back in again. Every single time... she too likes the somewhat messy/not trying look. Though I'm slowly converting her
Puma might have something you like. Other than that, I can't say. I've discovered that finding decent-looking sneakers is next to impossible. Also, you might have better luck over in the Streetwear and Denim forum.
I prefer a fairly thick button but not Borrelli-thick. I really dislike thin buttons though so if anything, I'd choose thick over thin. That said, I do see it as a bit of a modern trend that may come and go as time passes...
I would also be interested in a jacket similar to the Boggi so popular here. I'm also curious at the confidence in making a product so different than a shirt, though. Not doubting, just curious. Seems like a large step.
Agreed. And I was amazed, Del Posto in NYC used to require a jacket, or at least strongly recommended it. Last time I was there they seated a guy with torn jeans and an untucked casual shirt... It's really frustrating how everything is becoming so casual.
You can very rarely go wrong by wearing a sport coat and dress shirt, no tie. That would fit in my interpretation of "smart", though based on that I'm guessing they just mean don't look like a bum.
Congrats on the kid on the way Kirby! I just entered mine last night online, unfortunately I don't have the pics on this computer to post here. Oh, and as to storing shoes in boxes I just don't have the room, plus I get a fair portion of my shoes second hand and they don't usually come with the original box.
I'm in the Boston area and have never heard of them... Also that deal seems geared towards the less knowledgeable consumer who is looking for an interview outfit or something, I'd be wary.
New Posts  All Forums: