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To get things back on topic, anybody have any first hand experience with the Japan heather grey? I'm thinking of backing them, the texture looks awesome. Looking like wool pants sounds intriguing.
I would suggest doing some digging in your field and look at specific companies, especially the smaller ones. I've had decent luck finding a significant number of job postings directly on a company's website that I hadn't seen anywhere else, and I've had a few interviews from them too - just to point out it hasn't been a complete waste of time. Besides that, tap family friends and alumni for informational interviews. I would phrase it generically, asking to get some...
Just to go back to this, I'd appreciate an option to have the jeans hemmed at AB Fits. $10-15 extra, Gustin sends the batch out to AB Fits, then Gustin takes them back and ships them out. With the kind of volume Gustin is getting now I would have to imagine it would be a profitable venture for both AB Fits and Gustin, especially given their proximity.I would just prefer to have an option that I trust. I don't like any of my options around here, and even if I did that's...
I honestly didn't even notice the Italy part, just saw indigo x indigo. That's my bad
Davidw25 was looking to sell his, here are some pics he sent me: http://imgur.com/a/eGhyh
PM Sent.
I would consider it appropriate to move this conversation to PM's or another thread (I'm sure there's a denim thread somewhere), given that this is the official Gustin thread. Speaking of Gustin, I backed my first pair (due November) and am looking to buy a used pair (or new) in the meantime. Anybody selling a 31 Straight?
Just got my first pair (second hand so I can nail down my size and then back a few pairs).. gorgeous jeans! Too bad I need a size down. 32 Straight Cone Crosshatch are up for sale, shoot me a PM if you're interested. If anybody has anything in a 31 Straight, I'd be interested in buying!
Looks great, I can't wait to receive it! I'll post some pics of my own for those interested.
In response to the kickstarter idea, which I think is a good one, I would recommend checking out Gustin. They do something similar and it seems to work quite well for them; in addition, from what I've heard (I have never ordered from them) they are remarkably good value for the money.
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