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I honestly didn't even notice the Italy part, just saw indigo x indigo. That's my bad
Davidw25 was looking to sell his, here are some pics he sent me: http://imgur.com/a/eGhyh
PM Sent.
I would consider it appropriate to move this conversation to PM's or another thread (I'm sure there's a denim thread somewhere), given that this is the official Gustin thread. Speaking of Gustin, I backed my first pair (due November) and am looking to buy a used pair (or new) in the meantime. Anybody selling a 31 Straight?
Just got my first pair (second hand so I can nail down my size and then back a few pairs).. gorgeous jeans! Too bad I need a size down. 32 Straight Cone Crosshatch are up for sale, shoot me a PM if you're interested. If anybody has anything in a 31 Straight, I'd be interested in buying!
Looks great, I can't wait to receive it! I'll post some pics of my own for those interested.
In response to the kickstarter idea, which I think is a good one, I would recommend checking out Gustin. They do something similar and it seems to work quite well for them; in addition, from what I've heard (I have never ordered from them) they are remarkably good value for the money.
I personally think TF does casual better than they do formal, but to each their own. On topic, coat isn't that amazing IMO. It seems like a somewhat simple and rather awkward looking jacket if I'm being completely honest. If you really like it, look for it on sale.
I'm actually a big fan of St. Germain. My only issue with recommending it in this case is that it is a fairly.. nuanced flavor. For example it mixes well with gin but does not alter the flavor SIGNIFICANTLY. Definitely noticeable, but the OP may be better off going for something a little bolder, this early in his explorations. Though of course, the subtle flavor may be a good entry point, so, to each his own.
If you don't have a triple sec (and even if you do), I'd recommend Cointreau. It is in easily a third of the drinks I make on a regular basis; plays well with gin, vodka, tequila, even rye. Other than that, maybe a cognac or brandy? Get a middle level one like Courvosier or Remy Martin, good for sipping or making cocktails.
New Posts  All Forums: