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What a surprise, the internet's ultimate turbo poster responds in seconds.I understand why you hold such blinkered views, having left Canada to seek asylum in the US but this discussion doesn't really concern you.Now strap your arm bands on and swim back to the shallow end, winkle.
There seems to be a lot of Americans in this thread sticking the boot into Britain. However, you only need to look at the recent events in Ferguson and Cleveland to see that we have a long way to sink before our society is as broken as that in the 'land of the free'.
Flatshare prices in Manhattan do seem ridiculously high, even in comparison to London. It's a good point that you raise re: credit history, although as I'm only looking for a share it seems to be about 50/50 in terms of those require a credit check. Worst case scenario, I'm pretty confident my employer will sign the lease.I think the Upper West Side looks like a decent bet as I like the idea of being near the park. The commute appears to be ~20 mins on the Subway, which is...
Thanks upr_crust, that's a lot of help.
Cheers for the replies gents. Is craigslist the best place to find shared apartments (it seems to have a fair few legit ones posted on there) or are there other sites you'd recommend?
I've recently accepted a new job that's based in New York and once the visa papers have been processed, I should be out there in mid/late August. The problem is that I've only been to the city once and that was several years ago, so my knowledge of where to live is patchy at best. I'm going to be earning $90k and the office is based in the Financial District. I literally only know a couple of people in NY so I'm thinking that a house share would be my best bet as a way of...
Are you planning on staying in hostels and travelling around using public transport rather than a car? If so, i'd suggest using a backpack to carry your stuff, i had a 60 litre bag for a 15 month trip so a 50/60L bag should be more than enough for you. In terms of a day bag, you could perhaps take something slightly nicer than a rucksack but again, if you're hostelling it, i probably wouldn't take anything too nice. A lot of backpacks come complete with a small daypack...
No-one pays ratecard, it's generally just quoted to help media agencies when they need to demonstrate how they saved money for their clients. The vast majority of companies who advertise in national/international magazines (i'm talking brands who take full page ads not classifieds) do so through a media agency and these agencies either have directly agreed rates with mediaowners or they're part of a larger group i.e. Group M or Omnicom and have heavily incentivised rates...
This thread's also of interest to me as i'm moving to Toronto next year from London (England not Ontario) and despite having spent a couple of weeks in the city previously, have little knowledge of where would be a good place to live for a late twenties, single bloke.
I did read the thread and as you said that you'd looked into the teaching English abroad option, i assumed a language school would be a natural fit. Good luck finding employment in an expensive city, minus an EU passport and without having the lingo under your belt. Grow up and accept the fact that you missed the boat when it came to buggering off to Europe to live a care free life for a couple of years, you're 5 years too late.
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