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What am I wearing? I am glad you asked. They are only a pair of sweet sealskin boots courtesy of Face of Boh. Now I just have to figure out what to wear them with. I am thinking dark jeans and a PETA shirt. Thank you Face of Boh, you are the man.
I can't decide if I love these or hate these. I guess you need to send them to me so I can decide.
Those Church's are sweet. Great find there.
Sorry, the wife has my weekend on lock down so if I am able to get out it will not be until later Sunday.In other news, I picked up a Jos A Bank tuxedo for my James Bond Halloween costume. The sleeves are about a half inch too long, but it will work for a one night thing.
Those are cool. If they were a size and a half larger I would grab them from you.
You can buy a condo for a dollar there. Of course, the thrifting equivalent of this would be buying a pair of piss stained 1988 Duck Head pants with a crab infestation for $1.What a deal!
Anteater boots with ants on the pulls. That is amazing.Those are a great pair of boots.
Thrift Fit for my 100th post! Cords by Brooks Brothers Sweater by Budweiser I am going to find one occasion to wear this and then sell it. It has two stains that I will have to use Oxiclean on. Apparently these sell pretty well on eBay, but I can't imagine where I would see anyone wearing this.
Ok, I am cheating as these are from an estate sale, but picked up two nice watches yesterday. A new without box Timex Indiglo, and a 1963 Timex Self Wind. The Self Wind needs the nail file treatment on the crystal, but other than that they are in pretty great shape. Grand Total: $4.00
Thank you Ray. Those are pretty close, but mine are not stamped with an L or if they had been in the past it isn't visible now. I want to get them recrafted, and I would like to go through the original maker for that if possible, so I will reach out to them and see if I can confirm. If all else fails, I think I am going to give B. Nelson a try as there aren't a lot of options for western boots.
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