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Wow, a new in box NES is a grail find in my opinion.
The two novels take steps toward humanizing him by explaining his back story and how he becomes The Governor.
Tag's are faked as much as Rolex's unfortunately, but fortunately not as well from the ones I have seen. A good way to tell is just the feel test. If should not feel cheap and light.Also, the model number should be on the back. Google that and see if it matches your watch.The dots on the face should glow brightly after just a little light. Check to see if it looks like a cheap glow in the dark sticker.Check the crown for the logo as well.If you are really interested I can...
That is an awesome coat. I wish it were about 10 sizes larger.
Don't look directly at it Stewie.
Nice, Good Guy Greg is hilarious.Unfortunately, I am not.
That spread looks fantastic HH. It looks like the new official snack of the thrift thread is wine and cheese. Next we will see someone post a picture of a box of Franzia with some Kraft singles asking if they did well. Followed by a meme with the words; "That is not the wine and cheese you're looking for."
No, it is a Smith and Wesson Sigma .40. (I didn't carry it trick or treating) Don't let this start another thread sidetrack about firearms though.They are French cuff's, but you can't see my links.And, I like character growth, but some things you should not mess with and martini's shaken, not stirred is one of them.
Halloween thrift fit. James Bond with less hair.
These boots have already brought so much joy to my life just from the comments in this thread. But, my wife said I couldn't wear them out of the house. Good thing she isn't with me all of the time.
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