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Gentlemen, I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes, I can proxy.
Don't know if you watch the show Revenge, but Target/Neiman Marcus did a cross campaign with the show last month and this blazer was worn by one of the characters. If it were a large I would be all over it.Crappy picture from the show:Also, you can still get it from the Target website: Thom Brown Blazer
I was just about to reply to Orgetox and say my Christmas budget doesn't allow that right now, but this coat may make me pull my spreadsheet back out.
Awesome find. I have been looking for a Navy HF Flight Coat for a couple of years now.
You sure about that? I occasionally find items with the color of the week, granted these could have been missed. But, it seems like a lot of work for not much gain considering we are talking about items that have been on the shelves for four weeks taking up space and not selling. Or maybe you are only referring to the larger high retail items?
Go with Best Dressed, but being on styleforum your answers will probably be a little biased.
Wow, a new in box NES is a grail find in my opinion.
The two novels take steps toward humanizing him by explaining his back story and how he becomes The Governor.
Tag's are faked as much as Rolex's unfortunately, but fortunately not as well from the ones I have seen. A good way to tell is just the feel test. If should not feel cheap and light.Also, the model number should be on the back. Google that and see if it matches your watch.The dots on the face should glow brightly after just a little light. Check to see if it looks like a cheap glow in the dark sticker.Check the crown for the logo as well.If you are really interested I can...
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