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It's walrus. Sweet find.
Have a link?
I can't tell you if is worth $70 or not, but I have a similar lamp that I got from my grandfather when he died that I love. It is of a cowboy sitting on a fence post in front of a tree with the tree being the part of the lamp the shade and bulb connect to. Considering the price of lamps the price isn't outrageous, but it does seem pretty steep for SA.
Good lord, I don't know why I bother to go out anymore. After DM7 has enough to retire, he should write a book.
That is pretty sweet. I think you did well with that coat.
This may not be the Lanvin you look for, but I thought it was sweet and it fits me. Also, for the boot lovers, I found a pair of Lucchese black Italian kangaroo boots from the Lucchese 2000 collection. They look like they have barely been worn except for 10 minutes after I brought them home my son tried them on and promptly scuffed the toe. Now I need to take them in for repair.
These may be by Zelli. Not sure about resale, by they are high end if they are.Edit: I see Mainy beat me to it.
Gentlemen, I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes, I can proxy.
Don't know if you watch the show Revenge, but Target/Neiman Marcus did a cross campaign with the show last month and this blazer was worn by one of the characters. If it were a large I would be all over it.Crappy picture from the show:Also, you can still get it from the Target website: Thom Brown Blazer
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