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Does anyone know about Replay & Sons? Found a leather coat today, but can't find anything out about them online other than at their website the current leather coats sell for $995,
That RLPL shirt is great.
If anyone is looking for a gift for their lady, Nordstrom's has a nice Burberry tote for 65% off at $510, normally $1,500. Leather Tote
Let me make sure I have this right based on the responses to my post. Step 1. Get really good at golf. Step 2. Dress like a Capn bad ass. Step 3. Go to a cosplay convention and look for the golfer groupies. Alternatively, disregard all of the above as long as you intend on having fun while playing a game. Either way...
Some friends have convinced me to start playing golf with them and my first thought was how can I look like the Capn? Golfing is very popular in Atlanta and there are always shoes, clubs, etc. that I never gave a second look. Now I need to do some research to find out what is quality and what is garbage.
It was only a matter of time, Thrift Shop claims its first victim. Longmont police: 'Thrift Shop' song leads woman to push, choke boyfriend Thrift Shop Attack
Looking good.
Here is the Knox hat I picked up yesterday.
Heads up if anyone in ATL is into fedora's. There was a nice Dobbs (maybe Waverly style) fedora at the Sandy Springs GW in a dark khaki color (cognac maybe), size is 7 5/8's. Comes in a vintage Resistol hat box for $9 and looks brand new. There were two others, one Dobbs in grey and a Knox in green, but the grey sold while I was there and I took home the Knox. It is behind the special items case.
105 bids? I will be adding haunted boxes to my list when I go out.
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