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Those boots are fantastic Wes. I may have to help a struggling private school if they are my size and show up in your store. On to my find, a pair of Stefano Ricci corduroy pants. They will fit great once I take off a couple of inseam inches. From the label mentioning a jacket , I guess they are an orphan, but I can't imagine that Ricci would have a corduroy suit.
A lot of boots showing up lately. It's been months since I have come across a good pair.Lucchese is a great brand, but suede is not one of the more desirable materials. If I were buying for myself, I would pay $30 all day long. For a flip, I would say pass without knowing the specific style, condition, size, etc.
RP is a lesser known maker so resale isn't that great. If the price is high, then you probably made the right call to pass. If you were buying them for yourself, they may be worth a pick up though.You do have my interest in obscure non-cowboy centric styling though. Have a picture? If they are a 10D and my style, feel free to proxy for me. Just add these toe caps to cover the scuffs and those will be nice.
If anyone in Atlanta wants a buffer like that, there is an estate sale today and tomorrow where you can pick it up.Click me for directions
Anyone know how to check the authenticity of a Gucci kids belt? Also picked up a LL Bean rabbit fur trapper hat. Finally, came across my first pair of selvedge. APC Petite size 32. I would need a time machine to fit into them, but if anyone in North Atlanta is interested, shoot me a PM and I will let you know where to get them.
Hey Jon, what were the prices like?I thought about going, but I have no where to put a full size juke box. If they are coming back at the end of the year, I may have to clean out a spot in my garage or something.
Came across my first Versace piece today. Too bad it was a pair of well worn Versace Jeans Couture lady jeans. Some flipper picked them up soon after. I thought he might be someone from here, but when I gave him the Styleforum hand signal he looked at me strangely. Plus he was using a cart and I know none of us would do that.
Frenchy, how is that Etro sport coat working out for you? If you discover it is haunted or smells like pickles and want to get rid of it, let me know.
That is an awesome find. Love the Mercury Dime cuff links also. One of these days I am going to break down and buy a pair.
I would be happy thrifting my HELOC.
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